Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Light Up the NightCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Light Up the Night

By Kristin Mattern

Kick start the spark of love this weekend by taking your sweetie to see a laser light show and to play some laser tag. Keep the electric feel going by hitting up a club with your cutie and getting down on the dance floor as the lights flash and the disco ball twirls. You’re sure to light up each other’s world as the two of you dance the night away on this high amplitude powered date!

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Light shows are a unique sight to see. Find one near you and watch as the professionals light up the night and the lasers dance to make creatures come to life from thin air. Snuggle up next to your honey while you take in the show. If it’s an outside affair, be sure to bring a blanket to sit on and one to wrap around each other. You’ll both enjoy being cuddled close while viewing the performance. Share a kiss beneath the warm electric glow.

To keep the fun going, head over to a laser tag arcade after the show and suit up for some friendly competition. Play on the same team and rendezvous for a thrilling moment of stolen intimacy as you strategize your next move. Feel the adrenaline pumping and evade other players together. Or duke it out as you run around in the dimly lit maze and zap each other to see who is the master of the laser tag.

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With all that wattage running through your veins, the two of you are sure to keep the energy pumping as you head out to a nightclub. Show off your dance moves and dip and sway beneath the flutter of neon lights. Get lost together as the fog machine and strobe lights pulse to the electronica beat. The two of you are sure to feel the tingle of love after this light-filled date!

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