Cupid's Pulse Article: 10 End-of-Summer Date IdeasCupid's Pulse Article: 10 End-of-Summer Date Ideas

By Melanie Mar

Have you been enjoying a summer of love? This season is often associated with long balmy nights and bright sunny days spent with our significant other, but within a few short weeks, autumn will be upon us. The nights will get cooler and the days, shorter. So, with this thought in mind, make the most of the warm weather with the following end-of-summer date ideas.

1. Picnic with a twist: A picnic is a cute couple thing to do. You get to spend time together doing simple things: going to the grocery store to shop for your favorite foods and then loading up the car with a packed basket and big blanket. For a spin on this classic date, why not do it at sunrise? The moment when the sun starts to peek over the horizon is very special, and as the sunlight starts to glow across the sky, it will make for a truly memorable start to your day together.

2. Go for a bike ride: Put some effort into the planning, and with a little creativity, this can be a lovely day out. First, if you don’t both own bikes, figure out the most convenient spot to rent them. Sit down and decide your destination; go somewhere that neither of you have been to before and explore a new place together. Find a great place to stop for a leisurely lunch and then resume your adventure.

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3. Wine tasting tour: Even if you’re not really a fan of wine, there is something rather romantic about being in the wine country surrounded by vineyards in the middle of nowhere. Plus, sampling a winery’s finest is not expensive; some tastings are as low as 10 dollars or even free with a purchase. Once you learn the process of how wine is made and the history behind your favorite vineyards, you might want to bring a bottle home with you.

4. Rent a jet ski: If you’re located near water, a jet ski can be a great way to bond with your man. As you hold on tightly to each other, there’s an element of trust, and combined with the adrenaline rush from the speed, you’re sure to get your heart racing! Let’s not forget that you’re wearing your swimsuits, and skin-to-skin touch immediately amps up the excitement factor.

5. Fairground fun: Remember when you were young and the thrill of the fairground never ceased to amaze you? Well, it still can! Laughter is a fabulous aphrodisiac. Riding the ferris wheel while holding hands; chasing each other in the bumper cars; or enjoying feeding each other cotton candy can evoke fond childhood memories and also create new ones with your partner.

6. Sunset cruise: Nothing conjures up romance more than watching a sunset wrapped in each other arms. If you live near the ocean, take advantage of the sunset cruises available. As you sail away together, you can enjoy cocktails, dinner and music — a truly wonderful way to reconnect on a summer night.

7.  Drive-in movie: These theaters aren’t as common as days gone by, making them even more special. There is something quite iconic about a drive-in date. Think about your grandparents and imagine this is what they might have done during their courtship. Find a spot near you that’s playing a romantic flick, recline in your car seats, and enjoy the unique experience.

8. Outdoor music festival: Music has and will always be a great way to achieve a feel-good factor. Singing and dancing together brings closeness to a couple. Check your local parks to see who is playing; there’s a wide spectrum of mostly unknown but terrifically talented performers. Just grab a blanket, some munchies, and some sunscreen, and get ready to have some fun.

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9. Camping: Get ready to spend the night together outdoors. Make sure you have a double sleeping bag to cuddle in, and light a campfire to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Alternatively, if you’re not so in tune with Mother Nature, you can turn it up a notch and try “glamping” (glamorous camping). No tents to pitch or fires to build here! Enjoy the great outdoors without giving up modern luxury.

10. Dinner under the stars: Create a romantic ambiance in your garden or on your roof top (permitting). Play soft music, light many candles, and bring throw pillows and a blanket — really set the scene and reignite the flames of love in the privacy of your own space. After dinner, lie back to look at the stars with your dearest and savor the sweetest kisses.

Melanie Mar is a celebrity relationship specialist, matchmaker, and  life coach. For more information on Melanie, you can follow her on Twitter @Melanie_Mar