Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Bring Baby North to FuneralCupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Bring Baby North to Funeral

By Kerri Sheehan

Since giving birth two months ago, reality star Kim Kardashian has rarely been spotted outside of her nest. However, this weekend she and her baby daddy, Kanye West stepped out with the daughter, North. The new family jetted out to Oklahoma for a somber reason, due to the death of the rapper’s grandfather, Portwood Williams Sr. A source confirmed to People, “That’s why they weren’t at [sister] Kylie’s birthday.” In replace of their presence at the sweet sixteen bash, the couple sent hip-hop stars, Drake and Big Sean.

What are some ways to involve your child in important family functions?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s hard to decide when you should begin including your child in more adult family events. Let Cupid help you weigh your options.

1. Start early: Depending on the type of parent you are coddling your child may seem silly to you. Therefore, involving your kids in family functions from the get go is perfectly fine.

2. Play it by year: With something as heartbreaking as a death, it may be best to leave your child at home. Kids are fragile and being exposed to death so young might not leave them with happy memories.

3. Ask them: Once your offspring gets to an age where they can make decisions, let them. If your child wants to be involved in the adult affairs of your family then there’s no reason why you should shield them from that.

How would you involve your child in family functions? Share below.