Cupid's Pulse Article: Should You Have a Second Date When the First One Was OK?Cupid's Pulse Article: Should You Have a Second Date When the First One Was OK?

By Kerri Sheehan

Everybody dreads first dates. They’re awkward, uncomfortable, and how many times can you really tell a relative stranger about your life goals? Many people look for that initial spark when on a first date and without that present won’t even consider a second date. How do you know when opting out of a second date is a mistake? Here’s some advice:

Is there some form of chemistry?

Some people needed immediate chemistry whereas others are content to go on a second date if the first date presented no red flags. Good chemistry can come from a lot of different ingredients. A strong physical attraction, shared interests, or compatible personalities can all be indicators of that wow factor sort of chemistry. Situations like these generally lead directly to second date. If you sensed some sort of chemistry, but you’re not really sure that it was the strongest you’ve experienced then a second date couldn’t hurt your cause. Maybe your date was having an off night that messed up the spark and the chemistry will be stronger the second time around. That second chance could land you a new lover.

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Don’t stress

It’s okay not to want to give a second chance. What if your date said or did something that really truly upset you? Did you have a battle with an eating disorder and your date happened to make a dig at girls who don’t eat? Or maybe your date said something bad about teachers, not knowing that your own mother is a teacher? If so then it’s more than okay to put this date in the dud pile. There is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing someone isn’t right for you from the get-go.

Think of what you have to lose

Unless you’re one date away from Mr. Right, then accepting the invitation for a second date doesn’t impede your life in anyway. Dates can be pretty fun as long as you enjoy whom you’re going on the date with. If you rated the date as okay then going on a second one could even produce better results. Even if the second date once again doesn’t wow you then you could have made a good friend in the process of trying to date him.

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Ultimately it’s up to you whether or not you want to go on a second date when the first one wasn’t all that special. Don’t feel bad about turning down the offer for a second date, but also don’t say no too soon as your feelings may change after you get to know the person better.

How do you decide if you should go on a second date? Share below.