Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Tough Love: Co-Ed’ Star Kyle Keller Says, “Listen to Your Heart and Be Truthful to Yourself”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Tough Love: Co-Ed’ Star Kyle Keller Says, “Listen to Your Heart and Be Truthful to Yourself”

By Kristin Mattern

Kyle Keller and her lovely personality are no stranger to the media circuit: progressing from a sports broadcaster to host of MAXIM radio to executive producer for, Keller’s charm has brought her from into the spotlight. Her outgoing persona, stylish wardrobe, and sex appeal have even landed her two shows of her own, Style with Kyle and Kyle’s Ultimate Challenge. “Everything I have done in my career is connected,” she explains. “It’s all personality-based, whether I’m in front of or behind the camera. I think the most challenging part is getting people to take me seriously, but it’s been a fun ride.”

Expanding her resume, the blonde bombshell is now a member of VH1’s popular show, Tough Love: Co-Ed. “I felt like the only way I was going to find love was by going on television,” she candidly admits. “I knew it would force me to be true to myself. I couldn’t lie if I was on TV.” Coached by dating and relationship expert Steve Ward, Keller recalls how the tough love guru used honesty to break down the celebrities and show them that even though they’re amazing people, they, like everyone else, have flaws. “I was true to myself and found my own way, and I’m hoping that viewers will take something away from my journey.”

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In a twist, this season of Tough Love features not only the famous Steve Ward but also his sister Monica, who provides a feminine view on dating. “Steve is really tough and no nonsense when it comes to giving advice. He’s honest to the point where it can break you,” the contestant remarks. “Monica is great. She’s really tough too. You just have to watch the show to really see them in action!”

Of the other seven cast members, Keller notes, “Everyone has different personalities, and we sometimes clash because of it. We all went on the show for different reasons. I think viewers will see that and will really love it.” It isn’t easy living in such a full house, but they all learned to improve not only their relationships with love interests but with family and friends as well. When asked about the number one lesson she learned, Keller refers to Steve’s book The Crash Course in Love and says, “Don’t be weird.”

The broadcaster begins the show with the title “Miss Disconnected” due to her penchant for long-distance relationships and magical ability to talk her way into the friend zone. “Steve and Monica really honed in on my hang-ups and helped me figure out who I am as a person and who I want to be in a relationship. The question is: Did I listen to their advice? Did the other housemates?”

When it comes to her personal life, the vivacious blonde is seeking the same spark she sees between her parents, who have been married for 41 years. “They have the best relationship. They’re best friends, and they really love each other.” Getting more specific, she adds, “I’m looking for someone who is kind and who loves his family. I want kids, so a deal breaker is somebody who doesn’t.” The star’s ideal type is a guy with kind eyes and a great smile, someone who is tall, dark, and handsome.

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Keller has learned a lot from her past dating experiences and, of course, from Tough Love: Co-Ed. For others looking for love, she says to “listen to your heart and be truthful to yourself. And remember that exes are exes for a reason, but they’re not a mistake because you learn from them. They’re a good thing to have.”

The host also advises against plastering your relationship status all over social media: “Unless you’re engaged or married, don’t do it. Social media ruins relationships. Your love life should be personal.”

See more of Kyle Keller and what she learns about love on VH1’s Tough Love: Co-Ed, which premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET! You can also connect with her on her personal site, Twitter @MsKyleKeller,, and