Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Online Dating ProfileCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Online Dating Profile

By Kristin Mattern

It’s time. You’ve decided to enter the world of online dating. Perhaps you’ve already been online for a while, but aren’t getting the desired results. Either way, you’re ready for love and looking to put yourself in the best light possible while searching for that special someone. Here are five expert tips for creating the perfect online dating profile:

1. Keep your screen name classy: This is the first thing people see when they’re searching for a sweetie. Think of this as your first impression, so choose wisely. There’s a big difference between HuggieBear73 and CALLMEBIGPAPA. eFlirt founder, and dating expert Laurie Davis notes, “Some traits resonate better face-to-face than wire-to-wire. Humor tends to be one of these. Unless the written word is your thing, something funny you say IRL might come off differently on screen.” This doesn’t mean you have to be boring; choose something catchy and clever. You have to stand out after all! Pick a name that speaks to you, and is attention getting without being overly outrageous.

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2. Pick your pics: Place flattering pictures of yourself on your page. Just like your screen name, this is the first thing a potential partner will see. You want a pretty pic to grab attention. Choose pictures of yourself that you not only look great in, but also catch you doing activities you enjoy. “In profile photos, makeup is a must, but photo editing is a don’t,” says Davis, “Let’s face it; ultimately you’re looking for someone who loves every pixel off screen.” Davis also recommends only putting up four to seven images, to ensure your profile isn’t overly time consuming to look through. Also, be sure to use current pictures. Sure, you looked amazing on that cruise six years ago, but you might look different today. Your pictures should be good looking, but also a current reflection of how your appearance is now.

3. Go for the highlights: Pretend your profile is your personal highlight reel. “Everyone should aim to emit a friendly vibe,” suggests Davis, “Check your baggage at the door. It’s TMI up front. Instead, keep the focus on you. After all, that’s why matches are clicking on your avatar–they want to know more!” Use your profile as your time to shine. Do you have any awesome accomplishments, or neat talents? Think about whom you are trying to connect with. Do you LOVE to horseback ride? Highlight your passions to attract a honey with similar interests.

4. Save some for later: Keep a little mystery going. Don’t write your whole life story on your profile. Love is about intrigue; give just enough information to get someone interested. Make some flirty allusions and sassy hints. You aren’t trying to write a novella. Two or three paragraphs for the “About Me” and a couple of sentences under categories is a good rule of thumb says HuffingtonPost. Davis also notes that you should “Nix ultimatums. This is a first impression and negativity could turn off even the most awesome match for you.”

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5. Be an original: You’re the only you there is! When creating your own profile, don’t copy other people, use clichés or regurgitate generic lines like, “I am a great listener.” Instead, be specific and explain who you are. Tell a short story about yourself and your perfect mate. As Davis reminds us, “Online dating isn’t about being the hippest hottie on the digital block, it’s about meeting your One. So while you’re writing, remember to consider what might raise an eyebrow from that ideal keyboard cutie.” Be yourself, after all you’re looking for a special someone to love you not some made-up version of you.

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