Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Deal BreakersCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Deal Breakers

By David Wygant

It happens all the time. Things are going really well in your relationship, and then all of a sudden — BOOM, like a guillotine coming down on someone’s head — something goes wrong. But this time, the guillotine is coming down on your head, and you’re facing another heartbreak.

You thought you knew exactly what he wanted; you read all the books and watched all the dating programs; and you did everything you could to make sure you were the perfect girlfriend. You even spoke for hours on end with the girls about what men really want and how to play the relationship game properly. Trouble is, it seems you still don’t know what men DON’T want in a relationship.

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Here are my top three dating deal breakers:

Don’t Play Games

If you play games with a guy, he’s not going to want to be with you – it’s as simple as that. If we call you and you don’t pick up, call us back the second you get a chance. Returning our call a few days later doesn’t turn us on; in fact, it turns us off.

Many men barely have the confidence to even make that phone call in the first place. They spend a lot of time thinking of what they should say, what type of voicemail they should leave, and how they can make you laugh. Sure enough, you hesitate; you wait and don’t call him back. You want him to think you’re cool and too busy to talk to him.

Well, guess what? Those kind of games are a deal breaker. He wants a girlfriend who’s going to be responsive to his texts and phone calls. No guy wants someone who plays too hard to get.

Let’s Get Physical

You tell him you want to wait, so he waits. Then, when you start having sex with him, you ration it. You start thinking if you give him too much, too quickly, he’s going to leave. In reality, as long as you’re dealing with a man and not a man-boy, once you start having sex, continue doing it. Don’t cut him off. If he’s showing he’s committed to you, why would you stop it?

If you kill the sex, you kill the relationship.

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The Chronic Texter
Don’t be the woman who’s texting him non-stop. He’s out with his friends, and you don’t trust him. So of course, instead of telling him to have a great time, you text him all night long.

He doesn’t want to be monitored, and he doesn’t want to be constantly checking in with you. He wants somebody who will actually allow him to go out with his friends and enjoy himself. Trust him, wish him a fun night, and then let him be.

These are just a few dating deal breakers. The bottom line is, if you’ve got a good man, stop overthinking everything and learn to go with the flow.

David Wygant is a dating coach and author of  Naked and Always Talk to Strangers. For more relationship advice, you can follow him on Twitter @Davidwygant and