Cupid's Pulse Article: SnoozeShade Deluxe and BubbleBum Makes Being a Mom Easier!Cupid's Pulse Article: SnoozeShade Deluxe and BubbleBum Makes Being a Mom Easier!

This post is sponsored by SnoozeShade Deluxe and BubbleBum.

By Gabriela Robles

Being out and about with your child can be tricky when it comes to keeping them comfortable and happy. If you’ve had this problem over the summer, look no further than SnoozeShade Deluxe and BubbleBum!

SnoozeShade Deluxe sun and sleep shades were made for strollers and car seats to guard your child from pests, weather conditions and the sun. It features smooth, silver exterior fabric and safety-certified snaps. Additionally, the “snooze mode” screen along with a “lookout mode” window filters 97.5 percent of UV rays but allows your child to see outside of their stroller or car seat. SnoozeShade Deluxe is one of 27 finalists in the Red Tricycle Awards’ for “Most Awesome Stroller Accessories.”

Another great product for young kids is the BubbleBum. Created for children ages four to eleven, this inflatable booster seat weighs less than one pound, inflates quickly and fits comfortably in the back seat of any car. The best part is, when you’re not using it, you can just deflate it, pack it up and save it for next time. Offered in black and purple, this seat is sure to keep your children contented. BubbleBum has also been chosen as one of 16 finalists in the 2013 Red Tricycle Awards’ for “Most Awesome Car Seats.”

Be sure to check out SnoozeShade Deluxe on their website,, and Twitter @SnoozeShade. For more information about BubbleBum inflatable carseat, visit their website You can vote for SnoozeShade Deluxe and BubbleBum for the Red Tricycle 2013 Totally Awesome Awards on their website until August 15th!