Cupid's Pulse Article: Do the Chicken Dance: Tips for Surviving Wedding Season SingleCupid's Pulse Article: Do the Chicken Dance: Tips for Surviving Wedding Season Single

By Rachel Seliger, JDate Community Manager

The summer months are known for a few things: warm nights, pool parties, BBQs and of course, weddings. For singles, wedding season is exciting, but it can be overwhelming when you feel like you are always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

JDate, the leading online Jewish singles community, recently surveyed members and discovered that 31 percent of singles daydream about their future wedding before they are engaged. Daydreaming is harmless, but in the meantime, with wedding season in full swing, you might have to put those dreams on hold and support a few others.

To help arm the single wedding goer this season, I’ve compiled a list of tips that will guarantee you have an amazing time and celebrate the new couple in style.

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Define +1: If your invitation includes a +1, it doesn’t necessarily mean your guest has to be a romantic partner. Of course check with the bride and groom first, but it might be a good idea to bring a close friend or family member as your partner in crime.

Reserve your seat: If you are flying solo, don’t be afraid to make sure the bride or groom knows you want to sit with the other singles! Not only is it a great way to make friends you won’t be sweating though the whole ceremony about sitting with a group of couples who might ask the infamous question, “when are you getting married?”

Reconnect with old friends: However you are related to the bride or groom, there are probably other guests that you know at the wedding. Maybe it’s old friends from your childhood who you lost touch with or a relative of the bride and groom. Don’t be afraid to say hi and spark a conversation. Everyone loves to reminisce!

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Do the chicken dance: You are never too old to flap your wings! Popular weddings dances like the chicken dance are perfect for singles because they don’t require a partner and are an opportunity to find your next dance partner. Now get out there and shake your feathers.

Rachel Seliger is a dating guru and Community Manager of, the premier online community for Jewish singles. When she’s not shopping for her next pair of great heels, she is busy blogging on JDate’s exclusive tumblr blog  tumblr featuring great first date outfit ideas, tips to make your JDate profile shine and more.