Cupid's Pulse Article: 8 Things Your Wedding Can Do WithoutCupid's Pulse Article: 8 Things Your Wedding Can Do Without

By Kendal Perez for

According to a survey conducted by The Knot, couples spent an average of $28,427 on their wedding and related events last year. It’s no surprise that weddings are big business, and yet it’s tough to imagine dropping 300 Benjamins on a single-day event.

There are lots of ways to trim wedding expenses, especially with the number of DIY crafts available to eager brides on Pinterest. However, there are some things your wedding can do without entirely that add up to big savings. Read on for eight such recommendations.

1. Summer setting

The cost of a wedding is not only impacted by the season, but also by the time and day of the week. For example, a Saturday afternoon wedding in July will cost you more than a Sunday-morning ceremony in March. The impact of timing on the overall cost of your wedding cannot be overstated, so check has a handy infographic for insight into the best budget-friendly times to get married.

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2. Enormous guest list

The best way to save money on your nuptials is to keep the guest list small. The number of people you invite impacts every cost associated with your event, from location to invitations to menu. The smaller the wedding, the more intimate the event. Plus, it means fewer headaches all around for those involved in planning the big day.

3. Save-the-Dates

I’m not sure when we decided one wedding invitation wasn’t enough, but this trend is the bane of budgets the world over. While invitations aren’t the costliest part of a wedding, they’re the most redundant and unnecessary. If key people can’t make it unless they pencil you in a year in advance, pick up the phone or send them an email. Everyone else considers two-months sufficient notice.

4. Custom invitations

With save-the-dates off of your list, you can invest lots of money in the invitations, right? Wrong. Gold-flecked cardstock and lace-trimmed envelopes will be lining wastebaskets within moments of receipt, or at the very most a few days post-ceremony. Thankfully, you can find customizable wedding packages online for a fraction of the cost. For the truly frugal, free wedding printables abound, and you can buy cheap printer ink using Inkjet Willy to cut the cost of at-home printing.

5. Wedding favors

Wedding favors look charming in style shoots, but are ultimately a waste of money. Leave them out and I guarantee guests won’t gripe about the lack of personalized M&M packets or monogrammed matchstick books. In fact, they may thank you — it’s one less tchotchke to feel badly about tossing in the trash.

6. Full bar

A cash bar is a surefire way to save money and annoy your guests at the same time. Meet your guests halfway with complimentary beer, wine and a signature cocktail. You’ll have fun creating your very own wedding drink, and you’ll save on the cost of offering every spirit and mixer known to man. For signature cocktail inspiration, peruse this gallery of tasty offerings.

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7. Multi-course meal

The most expensive element of my wedding was the food. Despite guests’ declarations that it was the best wedding spread EVER, I lament the cost. Before you deliberate over the chicken or the salmon, consider a more condensed eating experience to save money. Early-evening weddings can get away with cocktail hour accompanied by appetizers or small plates. Mid-morning ceremonies can have fun with brunch fare for much less than typical dinner spreads.

8. Location, location, location

Believe it or not, destination weddings can actually cost less than traditional ceremonies. The cost of travel and accommodations can be a deterrent for most guests, making your overall price tag potentially less. It all depends on the location, of course, but ultimately it’s a good option to consider if you’ve always wanted to get married on a beach.