Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Slumber PartyCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Slumber Party

By Kristin Mattern

Go back in time this weekend and invite your cutie over for a good, old-fashioned slumber party! Break out the sleeping bags and grab your silliest pajamas for this fun date night that will have the two of you giggling like a couple of teenagers.

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Get out the Twister and pour the grape soda because it’s time to rock your house like you and your sweetie are high school sweethearts. Pick out fun games for the two of you to play. If you used to love truth or dare, put a twist on this classic sleepover game and make it a bit sexy. For instance, dare your man to kiss you on your shoulder or ask him to reveal his favorite moment that the two of you have shared. If you’re a couple of card sharks, amp up the flirty atmosphere with a rousing game of strip poker and make bets about who has to make breakfast in the morning. Top off the night with a pillow fight.

What’s a slumber party without munchies? Make some truly sinful snacks that you used to nosh on as teens. Melt cheese over chips for quick nachos, or place cheese, grilled chicken and peppers between two flour wraps and heat it up on a skillet for stuffed tortillas. Maybe the two of you were candy lovers as kids; chew on Airheads and Sourpatch Kids, or scarf down some Sweetarts.

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After your food-induced coma has passed, share some laughs as you prank each other. Freeze his boxers when he’s not looking. Slip a pinch of cayenne pepper into his dinner. Get a little cuddly with a tickle war. Keep it friendly and silly though; you don’t want to send him home in the morning with hurt feelings.

When it is time to start winding down, set up your living room like you did when you were a kid prepping for a slumber party. Place the sleeping bags on the floor (yes, the floor!) in front of the television to set the mood. This way, you and your honey can snuggle up next to each other while you snack on popcorn and watch movies. Pick out your favorite films from your youth and have a movie marathon. Or watch your favorite shows together on Netflix – enjoy an entire season of The O.C. or Dawson’s Creek. Snuggle up as you end your teenage dream together on this fun-filled slumber party date night.

Ever had a slumber party with your significant other? Tell us how your night went in the comments below!