Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Spa VacationCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Spa Vacation

By Kristin Mattern

Who says you can’t swim in the winter? And no, we don’t mean join the Polar Bear Club! This weekend, take your snow bunny for a spa getaway and dive into love. You’’ll both enjoy this romantic and relaxing date idea.

Rent a room at a hotel with the works and take advantage of the spa, pool, sauna and fancy restaurant. First, have a couples massage and facial with your man, and bond over the shared relaxing experience. Sweat out some sweet romance as the two of you enjoy a steamy sauna session and then cool off in the swimming pool. You’re sure to grow even closer as you take those refreshing laps through the cool water.

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After feeling truly pampered, get dressed up and head on down to the restaurant with your dear. Order a nice bottle of wine to share over your three-course meal. Splurge on dessert, and then head out to a local nightclub for some classy cocktails and dancing.

If you’re at a true health spa, try some organic, whole-food veggie or fruit juice to sip while you and your honey enjoy a detox dinner. Afterwards, catch a late yoga class and really get rid of any remaining tension that the winter months have brought.

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Looking to really leave the winter behind and experience true summertime? Take your dearest on a spa vacation to somewhere tropical. Check out sites like Travelocity and TripAdvisor to find some steals for your getaway. Make sure to pick a spot with extravagant pools and beautiful beaches. Pack your favorite bathing suits and leave the cold behind as you escape to an island resort. Enjoy the balmy weather and smooth sand as the spa staff spoils you beneath the warmth of the sun.

Escape the cold this winter and indulge in summer-themed spa date!

Have you ever skipped out on the snow to relive the summer with your darling? Let us know in the comments below!