Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Aniston Says She and Justin Theroux ‘Already Feel Married’Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Aniston Says She and Justin Theroux ‘Already Feel Married’

By Kristyn Schwiep

Jennifer Aniston seems to be in no rush to tie the knot with fiancé Justin Theroux. According to, Aniston already feels married to Theroux. “We just want to do it when it’s perfect, and we’re not rushed, and no one is rushing from a job or rushing to a job,” Aniston told The Associated Press. After the couple had been dating for a year and a half, Theroux popped the question on his 41st birthday last August. She told The AP, “We have yet to set any dates.”

What are three things that change when you tie the knot?

Cupid’s Advice:

What really changes when you get married? Money? Sex? Commitment?  Cupid has some advice for you to show you what can change when you tie the knot:

1. Money:  Figuring out how to manage your money when getting married can cause a lot of stress on a new relationship.  Merging accounts, debating who spends what, and revealing your credit history can send you into a whirlwind, but though this might be a hard change it can also bring you closer to your partner.minefield. Then again, working it all out? Surprisingly intimate.

2. Sense of commitment: When you are married, commitment is something strong and real. Having a solid foundation gives you the strength and courage to face challenges you might not have alone.  Commitment is no going back.

3. Family and friends:  Getting married can sometimes put a strain on your relationship with your friends, but it can also bring you closer to your new relatives that you can call your own.  Having a new family can be a pretty big change, but it is also something special that you get to share with your spouse.  Also, try to remember your friends after you get married and try to go out with them once a week to keep your friendships strong.

What has changed for you since you have tied the knot? Share your stories below.