Cupid's Pulse Article: Charlotte Ross of ‘Hit the Floor’ Says, “Waiting for Mr. Right Won’t Get You Anywhere”Cupid's Pulse Article: Charlotte Ross of ‘Hit the Floor’ Says, “Waiting for Mr. Right Won’t Get You Anywhere”

By Whitney Johnson

Charlotte Ross has a Hollywood story meant for the big screen: she fell in love with acting at an early age and began pursuing her dream while growing up in Winnetka, Illinois. She worked at Second City and the Goodman Theatre until graduating from high school. Just a month later, she moved to Los Angeles and was quickly cast as Eve Donovan on the infamous soap opera Days of Our Lives, a role that later garnered her two Emmy nominations. Audiences now recognize her as Quinn Fabray’s uptight mother Judy on the hit show Glee as well as Olivia Vincent in the summer series Hit the Floor.

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The popular VH1 show, which airs it’s final episode of season one tonight at 9/8c, is about “a professional basketball cheerleading squad; the back stabbing that ensues to get and stay on the team; and the inner workings of the corporate side of this world.” Her character was a star dancer in her younger years and now serves as the director of the Devil Girls. As the actress explains, “Olivia’s extremely driven, expects complete professionalism and won’t settle for less than perfection at every performance. She can be a bit relentless, but she’s also like a protective mother who just wants her girls to succeed.”

“It’s a ripe background for juicy drama, and the writer and executive producer, James LaRosa, doesn’t disappoint,” she adds with a laugh. I think he was born to write this show!”

As much as she loves being on stage, Ross’s heart belongs to Max, her nine-year-old son with ex-husband Michael Goldman. The couple divorced in 2008 after four years of marriage but continue to co-parent their son.  True to her optimistic personality, she chose to remain positive during this difficult time. “The truth is, we all have a good argument as to why our ex isn’t the best partner, parent or friend, but I worked really hard not to focus on the negative because I wanted what was best for my son.”

And what’s best for Max is two parents who are able to “come into each other’s houses without tension or stress. I’m beyond blessed that my son is very well-adapted to having two homes,” she candidly shares. “I enjoy it as well. I get to be fully ‘on’ when I’m with him and then ‘off’ when his father has him.”

Her advice for parents in a similar situation is simple: “Try to deal with the challenges as best as you can because it really makes a difference for your kids. They can actually learn something good from it, like how to work through tough things and treat people with respect.”

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Of course, jumping back into the dating game after divorce is never easy. The single actress says being proactive is the best way to meet someone new. “Sitting and waiting for Mr. Right won’t get you anywhere. Instead, step out of your comfort zone and normal circle of friends,” she says. “And don’t be afraid to be set-up! Remember that your friends know you well and know what kind of partner you want.”

As shown by her diverse professional choices, stepping out of her comfort zone is nothing new to Ross. This fearless attitude extends to her personal life too; she’s even training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro later this summer. The blonde, who says “nature is like a church,” sees this trek as number one on her bucket list. “It’s been a dream of mine for years. We all have that list of ‘One day, I will…’ Well, time is passing, you know?” Reflecting further on the upcoming journey, she explains, “Challenging ourselves can be very healing. This adventure is both a physical one and a spiritual one.”

The actress knows firsthand the effects of living a healthy lifestyle. “I truly believe that working out and clean eating (most of the time) is the fountain of youth. I look and feel better than I did decades ago. It amazes me!” As if that’s not enough reason to head to the gym, she adds, “When you sweat for an hour or so each day, daily stress doesn’t take the toll that it normally would. I think everyone should make time for fitness no matter how busy their life may be.”

Don’t miss tonight’s season finale of Hit the Floor on VH1 at 9/8c! For more information about Ross, check out her website or follow her on Twitter @charlotteross.