Cupid's Pulse Article: Jimmy Fallon and Wife Nancy Welcome a Baby GirlCupid's Pulse Article: Jimmy Fallon and Wife Nancy Welcome a Baby Girl

By April Littleton

The Late Night host’s rep confirmed to People that he and his wife Nancy Juvonen welcomed a baby girl Tuesday at 6:21 a.m. The first-time parents are “overjoyed about the arrival of their beautiful daughter,” his rep said. The couple has been married since December 2007.

What are three things to remember about being first-time parents?

Cupid’s Advice:

You’ve waited 9 months for your little bundle of joy to get here. The day has finally come and you get to hold your baby for the first time. Panic starts to set in when you realize it’s up to you to keep this small human being safe and protected for many years to come. Don’t let this thought overwhelm you, Cupid has some advice:

1. It’s OK to ask for help:¬†If you need some guidance, ask for it. You’re a first-time parent, so it’s only natural for you and your partner to have a few questions along the way. Your family and close friends won’t mind helping you. In fact, they would love the chance to get to know the baby as well!

2. Listen to your baby:¬†First-time parents tend to get frustrated when they begin to “think” that they don’t understand what their child wants. It’s simple. Your newborn will cry when she/he is hungry, tired or bored. As the two of you get more acquainted, you’ll be able to recognize the difference between those three cries. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. If you’re patient and you just listen to what your baby is trying to tell you, you’ll be less stressed and have a better time learning how to care for your child.

3. You’ll make mistakes:¬†All parents make a few mistakes the first time around. You might put the diaper on wrong and it ends up sliding right off. Breastfeeding may prove to be difficult the first few times. Hitting a few roadblocks when parenting is perfectly normal. Just remind yourself that your baby will love you as long as you care for them with the best of your ability.

What are some other things first-time parents should remember? Comment below.