Cupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Elin Nordegren Doesn’t Approve of Tiger Woods Dating Lindsey VonnCupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Elin Nordegren Doesn’t Approve of Tiger Woods Dating Lindsey Vonn

By Kristin Mattern

Despite a recent six page report that Elin Nordegren approves of ex-husband Tiger Woods’ girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, claims that a source close to Vonn has told them this is simply not the case. The insider points out that Nordegren can’t say anything to disparage Woods in the press or she will lose some of the $100 million she won in the divorce. “She still despises Tiger,” the source commented. “As time goes on, it probably gets easier, but she definitely doesn’t like having Lindsey around her kids.” Another insider was quoted as saying: “[She] hates Lindsey Vonn and everything about this romance.” Apparently, the former model didn’t approve of Woods’ new girlfriend from the beginning.

How do you deal with jealousy over your ex’s new relationship?

Cupids Advice:

Getting over an ex is never easy, and when you ex has found a new lover, jealousy can blossom. The fact that your ex is happy and moving on with someone new can chafe at the lingering feelings you might still have, or simply be irritating if you aren’t in the same place. Cupid has some sage advice for getting over those jealous feelings your ex and his new boo are causing you to feel:

1. Be real with yourself: Pinpoint the true cause of your pain frustration over your ex-lover. This will take some soul searching, but ask yourself the real reasons you are feeling the way you are. Do you really miss your ex-sweetheart, or are you just jealous of the happiness you see him experiencing? It might not be him you want back, but the feelings your relationship once evoked. The more truthful you are with yourself, the faster you can begin to overcome your jealous feelings and move on.

2. Talk it out: Speak with friends and family about the way you are feeling. People who love you and know you the best can speak sincerely and candidly to you. If you are having trouble figuring out where your emotions are coming from, those closest to you might be able to hold up the mirror of truth for you, and perhaps offer some advice for how to get over the pain you are experiencing.

3. Know you will find love again: As the old cliché goes, there are more fish in the sea. While it sounds corny, believe that you will find love again and be just as happy as you see your ex being now with his new honey. Know that you are an amazing person, and that you will find someone else to care for. When you’re ready, go out and have fun with your friends, when you’re happy, you will attract others to you.

Ever had to deal with being jealous over an ex and his new girl? Let us know in the comments below.