Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Modern Family’ Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson Marries Partner Justin MikitaCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Modern Family’ Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson Marries Partner Justin Mikita

By Kristin Mattern

Over the weekend, Modern Family star and Emmy nominee Jesse Tyler Ferguson married longtime love, lawyer Justin Mikita, in downtown NYC, reports People. Though the California residents could have married at home thanks the Supreme Court overturning Pop 8, they decided to marry in New York. “Weddings are expensive, y’all, and we wanted to give that money to a state that accepted us as equal,” Ferguson told The View back in June. The couple spared no expense on premium beverages for their guests, hiring expert mixologists to create a craft cocktail bar, imitating the cool vibe of New York speakeasies. Modern Family costar Julie Bowen called the event the “#bestweddingever.”

How do you know what to splurge on at your wedding?

Cupids Advice:

Weddings cost a pretty penny, and even if you aren’t on a tight budget, you can’t splurge on every aspect of the event. With so many things to choose, it can be difficult to decide where to spend and where to save. You only get one day, so you want to make sure you put your money into what will make your day extra special. Cupid has some advice to help you navigate the economic waters of your wedding:

1. A worthy cause: Instead of buying favors for your guests, donate the money to you and your sweetheart’s favorite charity. Your guests won’t miss the favors, and you can feel good knowing that your special day not only meant the world to you, but meant helping the world as well. Or take a page from Ferguson and Mikita who had their guests skip the gifts, and asked them to donate the money they would have spent to the marriage equality charity Tie The Knot.

2. Keep the party going: One day flies by, and as soon as your wedding has begun, it seems it is at an end. Keep the fun going by splurging on a day after party. Your guests are already gathered together for the main event, so extend the celebration and share more intimate time with seldom seen friends and family. Hold a BBQ in your backyard, or rent out the catering hall for one more night.

3. Entice your guests’ taste buds: Part of any good event is the food and drink that everyone enjoys together, so make your party a banquet and splurge on some delectables. Set up a wine tasting at the reception and have different kinds of foods for your family and friends to sample. Sense is tied to memory, and your guests are sure to never forget the tantalizing tastes they had at your wedding.

What did you splurge on for your wedding? Share your experience in the comments below.