Cupid's Pulse Article: Jason Biggs and Wife Jenny Mollen Are ExpectingCupid's Pulse Article: Jason Biggs and Wife Jenny Mollen Are Expecting

By Petra Halbur

Jason Biggs has announced that he and his wife, Jenny Mollen, are expecting their first child. During an appearance on Chelsea Lately, Biggs shared a photo of his wife. Chelsea Handler observed that “Her breasts look really engorged,” to which Biggs responded, “Her breasts are very big these days. Would you like to know why? Cause I put a baby in her belly!” According to People, Mollen later tweeted that the baby will be a boy.

What are three funny ways to announce your pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Why not imbue one of the most exciting announcements you’ll ever make with a little creativity and humor? Cupid has some ideas for unique ways to announce your pregnancy.

1. Hide the sonogram in a card: If you plan to make the announcement around the holidays, place several copies of your sonogram in your annual holiday cards. Ideally, you should hand these cards to your friends and family in person so you can see the look on their faces when they find out that you’re going to be a parent.

2. Wrap the announcement up as a present: Place a pregnancy announcement in a box place within a box placed within another box. Wrap the largest box up and hand it to to your friends and family members. The building excitement as they open each box will make their joy at the news all the more worth it.

3. Decline a drink: Invite family and friends out to a restaurant. When the waiter offers you some wine, politely refuse, saying that you won’t be drinking for the next 9 months. It’s a nice, simple and somewhat cheesy way to announce your pregnancy.

How did you announce your pregnancy? Tell us below.