Cupid's Pulse Article: Smiling David Arquette Looks ‘Relaxed and Cheerful’ After SeparationCupid's Pulse Article: Smiling David Arquette Looks ‘Relaxed and Cheerful’ After Separation

If David Arquette is hurting after his recent separation from wife Courteney Cox, he certainly isn’t showing it.  The 39-year-old actor was all smiles at the 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards, his first public appearance since news broke of the split from Cox, 46. Us Weekly reports that Arquette, who attended the awards show without his wife, looked happy, relaxed and chatted animatedly with his publicist before going into the event.  After 11 years of marriage, the couple announced their trial separation earlier this week.  The two met in 1996 on the set of Scream and married three years later.  Their daughter, Coco, is 8.  A source close to the couple says they “are by no means interested in giving up.  They just need time apart.”

How can you tell if your mate is fake?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some people might enter into a relationship for the wrong reasons.  But with Cupid’s help, you can tell whether or not your mate is for real:

1. He pays attention: If he remembers minute details, like what you said a week ago and already forgot about, then he’s really into you and is in the relationship for the right reasons.  If his eyes seem to glaze over when you talk, you might want to look into why that’s the case.

2. He respects you: This means respect in every sense of the word.  One example is understanding your need to take it slow.  If he tries to round the bases too quickly, then his intentions are only lustful.

3. He only has eyes for you: If he’s shows no interest in other women, then he thinks you’re the one.  But if he wants to keep an “open relationship” and date other women, he’s not sure yet and may just be faking interest.