Cupid's Pulse Article: What is Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Idea of a Great Date?Cupid's Pulse Article: What is Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Idea of a Great Date?

By Kerri Sheehan

Country crooners Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert may spend a lot of time in L.A., but they’re not about to buy a house in the Golden State just yet. People reported that Shelton spends the time he’s not filming in Oklahoma. He said, “As soon as we’re done on Wednesdays, my a–is on the plane.” The 37-year-old judge on the Voice claims that he and Lambert prefer their dates to be low key. The two enjoy, “Throwing a cooler in the back of the pickup and driving around the property clearing brush and singing to the radio,” said Shelton.

What are some ways to incorporate common interests in dates?

Cupid’s Advice:

Dates are an important activity in any relationship. Cupid has some advice for keeping your dates unique:

1. Keep it simple: Sometimes a super chill date is just what the relationship needs. This is especially important for high profile couples like Shelton and Lambert. Keeping it simple allows the couple to strengthen their bond as a couple.

2. Incorporate a hobby: Often in a couple at least one half has a hobby that he or she likes to keep up with. Whether it’s surfing, crafting, biking, or baking centering a date on a hobby is a great idea to try out.

3. Try something new: If you’ve been dating your partner for a while then you’ve probably had a million and one different dates. Make an effort to try something completely new that’s totally out of both of your comfort zones. You don’t have to go as extreme as skydiving or bungee jumping though! Trying out a new restaurant can be an adventure as well.

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