Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William Is Showing No Signs of Nerves Pre-Royal BabyCupid's Pulse Article: Prince William Is Showing No Signs of Nerves Pre-Royal Baby

By April Littleton

While taking on his brother Prince Harry at a game of polo, Prince William showed no signs of nervousness as he awaits the birth of his first child, which is just days away. Tusk’s chief executive Charlie Mayhew told People, “We weren’t expecting William to be here, it was a lovely surprise. He was on really good form.”  Prince William has ended all duties at the RAF Search and Rescue Base so he can be at his wife’s side when she gives birth.

How do you soothe your partner’s nerves pre-baby?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Most partners deal with anxiety over a pregnancy because they don’t know what to expect when the baby comes. If it’s the birth of their first child, they don’t know if they’ll be good parents, they worry over the health of their little one and they’re nervous about seeing you in so much pain. Cupid has some advice:

1. Learn about the birth: To help ease your mind and your boo’s, it’s best to learn all about the birthing process before it actually happens. Many couples make the mistake of waiting until the actual delivery date to figure out what to expect – this is the wrong move to make. In order for your significant other to be more engaged and for you to feel more calm when the chaos sets in, you need to do your research. Participate in a birthing class, read pregnancy books and watch some interactive videos. The more prepared you are, the better.

2. Talk to your partner: Take the time to discuss the details of the pregnancy with your loved one, especially if this is going to be your first child together. Talk about what your expectations are and vice versa. You may even want to take this time to come up with a schedule for when the baby comes. Your life and daily activities will change, but your significant other may not be aware of this fact yet.

3. Pack early: Most of the pre-baby stress comes from couples delaying to get certain things done before the baby arrives – like packing for your trip to the hospital. Get your clothing and your baby’s first outfit ready, buy a spare toothbrush, keep extra shampoo and conditioner stocked, etc. Whatever you think you’ll need for your stay at the hospital needs to be already packed and ready to go.

How did you soothe your partner’s nerves pre-baby? Comment below.