Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Deal with Your Partner’s Professional FailureCupid's Pulse Article: How to Deal with Your Partner’s Professional Failure

By Courtney Allen

It is said that “a woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing, and a man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything.” And let’s face it; every guy and gal is bound to face these crucial tests in their relationship.

That is because in this complicated and unpredictable life, failure and success go hand in hand; whether it is at your first D1 college soccer game after your coach unexpectedly declares you goalie or your first, real job out of college as a local reporter at your hometown television station. But it’s not failure that defines you; it’s how you recover from the seemingly life-ending experience that determines just how bright your future will be. Believe it or not, your partner can make all the difference in getting you back on the path to success. For better, but in this case, for worse, every great partner will do these exact things to get the one they love through the hardest of times:

 1. Express empathy: When your partner’s world is crashing down around them, all they want to know is that you understand. Everyone has been in the professional “hot” seat and it is important to remind your honey that it is a typical experience. Take powerful stories of basketball god, Michael Jordan, Apple mastermind, Steve Jobs, and talk show host turned Forbes Most Powerful Woman in the World, Oprah Winfrey, who experienced some of the biggest failures before reaching their ultimate success. Even though failure is common, be sure to make your love feel special by showing that their particular situation is especially important to you. Be extremely attentive and respond to their feelings with sensitivity, taking into account the type of person they are.

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2. Be a source of encouragement and support: Bouncing back after a failure is the toughest part of the experience. Constantly reassure your partner of their full potential. Failure creates a world full of doubts that can often be very hard to go up against. Help build up the confidence of the one you love after it has been stripped away by vocalizing their strengths and engaging in activities that they feel confident in. Express your 100 percent commitment to their happiness and let your honey know you are in it together.

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3. Help look toward the future: Moving forward is essential after a failure and can determine what comes next. Create a positive atmosphere for your partner so that they can leave the negativity in the past. It is impossible to visualize a better future if the past is clouding your vision. Lend a hand in the tiresome search for a new job or the discovery of methods of improvement. Help come up with an ambitious plan that includes dreams, goals and means of reaching them. Your love’s future is in their hands. Be a continuous reminder of this, as it will lead their life in the exact direction they want it to go.

 What are some ways you’ve helped out your partner after a failure? Share your ideas with us!