Cupid's Pulse Article: Poker Pro Beth Shak on Millionaire MatchmakerCupid's Pulse Article: Poker Pro Beth Shak on Millionaire Matchmaker

By Victoria Sullivan

Though the poker table may be an excellent place to meet men, it’s no longer just a man’s game.  Cupid was there in Midtown Manhattan at the Spot at the Table Charity Poker Tournament where teamed up with Poker Pro, Beth Shak, who will soon make an appearance on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker.

After discovering poker in 2002, Shak has conquered more than just tournaments.  As the card shark, style mogul, and philanthropist told Cupid, “Poker has helped me learn so much about men.”  She goes on to explain that she’s “treated like a women” when she first sits down at the table “but after playing for hours, men tend to forget and start to let their guards down and be themselves.”  When we asked Shak about men being intimated by her she didn’t think it was intimidation, she said “men just don’t want to lose to a woman.”

A key ingredient to playing poker is having the ability to read people.  Shak uses her intuition to play the table.  As a woman playing in a male-dominant sport, the advantage is that as a woman she thinks differently than they do.  This helps her game.  When it comes to her love life, it isn’t all that different.  Shak notes that if any guy claims to be too busy to see her, she’s bound to call their bluff.  She offers some good advice (women listen up).  She notes that men can multi-task.  For example, they can use the mens’ room, grab a bite to eat and get back to the poker table all within a 15 minute time period.  She’s got a great point!

After seeing Shak in her element, Cupid is counting down the minutes for her Millionaire Matchmaker episode to air.  Though Shak didn’t give much away, she did issue the following statement exclusively to Cupid: “Millionaire Matchmaker was an amazing experience. I loved Patty.  The past two years have been a life transition for me (going through divorce, etc).  She helped me see clearly about a few important things in relationships.”

Stay tuned for the Season Premiere of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker tonight @ 9/8c!