Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Celebrate the Fourth of July With Your GuyCupid's Pulse Article: How to Celebrate the Fourth of July With Your Guy

By David Wygant

The Fourth of July is upon us – can you believe it? Before you know it, Labor Day will be over, and just as you start to catch your breath from that, it’s Christmas time. An important part of any happy relationship is celebrating the holidays and enjoying your special traditions. So how do you start a new Fourth of July tradition that your man will remember for years to come?

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First off, it seems like everybody looks for a neighborhood barbeque or hot party for this summer celebration. For me, that’s a bit of a cliché. You need to do something fun and different with your guy, something a little more private but still patriotic.

Maybe start the holiday off with breakfast in bed. Then go for a swim or a hike, an activity to get your heart pumping. Men love to show off their athletic skills, so take advantage of an extra day off from work and explore nature together.

At night, find a place that you can watch fireworks and bring a blanket and picnic basket filled with his favorite food. As the saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Don’t forget to pack a bottle of wine or champagne too!

Once you head back home, light some candles to set a romantic mood. Give each other massages as you talk about your favorite part of the busy day. Now, it’s time for the real fireworks. I truly believe that, in a loving and passionate relationship, the fireworks should be in the bedroom and not in the sky. How about getting things started by being that sexy little Miss America he always wanted?

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By sharing such a special date together, you really connect emotionally. Think how fondly people remember certain Christmas or Thanksgiving traditions. These things are emotionally engraved in our hearts, and you want to make sure you’re engraved in your man’s heart.

I promise you – plan this date, and he’ll do pretty much anything you want until Labor Day!

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