Cupid's Pulse Article: Russell Crowe, Danielle Spencer Reunite For Dinner With KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Russell Crowe, Danielle Spencer Reunite For Dinner With Kids

By April Littleton

The Australian couple who are rumored to have split last fall spent the evening with their sons and friends at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills Thursday, June 27. “Russell and Danielle were sitting next to each other and seemed to get along well – but were never affectionate,” an eyewitness told Later in the evening, after the children left the table, the pair continued to hold a discussion with another couple with Crowe “smoking a cigarette and talking very animately, [seemingly] about politics.”

How can you stay friends with an ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

You’ve parted ways with your significant other, but the two of you still hope to become friends one day. Sometimes, two people just aren’t right for each other romantically, but they make the best of friends. If the breakup was amicable and you still find yourself being able to freely talk to your ex about anything, you might be able to turn your old relationship until a new friendship. Cupid has some advice:

1. Be kind to each other:¬†If you really want this new friendship to work, you have to be there for each other. Listen to each other’s problems and try to lend a helping hand. Good friends support each other’s needs. When communicating with your ex, don’t bring up the past or anything that could cause tension. After all, the two of you are friends now, not lovers. So, keep the relationship strictly platonic.

2. Don’t talk about new lovers:¬†The last thing you want to do is bring up a new romance, especially if the breakup with your ex is still mildly fresh. If you have someone new in your life, don’t talk about it. Bringing up your love life can cause confusion and feelings of jealousy, which can ruin the friendship you and you ex are attempting to have. After awhile, talking about new love with your former boo may be the right thing to do, but put it off until you’re sure he or she will be able to handle it.

3. Time and space: Before you can embark on a friendship, take some time apart first. Staying connected with your ex will be impossible if you still have feelings for each other. You need to move on from the breakup. Plan some fun events with old friends, and do some activities on your own before you start hanging out with your old flame again.

Are you friends with your ex? How did you make the transition from being a couple to being friends? Share your experience below.