Cupid's Pulse Article: Palmer’s Spokesperson Ali Landry Chats About Making Her Family a PriorityCupid's Pulse Article: Palmer’s Spokesperson Ali Landry Chats About Making Her Family a Priority

By Kerri Sheehan

Hollywood mom Ali Landry isn’t letting anything slow her down! Perhaps best known as the Doritos Girl from a 1998 Super Bowl commercial, the former Miss USA is now focused on family life. Since marrying film director Alejandro Monteverde in 2006, she’s been staying busy thanks to her growing family: her six-year-old daughter Estela, two-year-old son Marcelo, and the newest edition, baby boy Valentin Francesco, who was born earlier this summer on July 11th.

So does she have any tips for other moms with young kids? Landry answers with a laugh, “No, because I wish they would give me advice!” On a more serious note, she explains, “It’s tough to juggle everything because you want to do everything yourself.” When it comes to adding another child into the mix, Landry believes it’s important to “put your focus on your older children because they’re the ones that realize something is different. They need a little extra love.”

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As many twosomes know, it’s easy to get caught up in being parents and forget the importance of being partners. Landry and her husband, though, always make sure to find time for each other. “Life is really busy, and if we aren’t good as a couple, then we aren’t good for our family. We definitely make our relationship and our family a priority. We don’t take that for granted.”

The 39-year-old actress reveals that little getaways help keep their marriage strong. “We’ll get away from the house and sleep at a hotel for a night, or we’ll do a quick getaway in Mexico. It’s our time,” she explains. “When we’re home, we’re still focusing on the family and what needs to be done around the house. When we remove ourselves from that, whether it’s for a date night or a short trip, we can really let go and focus on each other. We try to do that pretty often.”

As important as her home life is, the television personality isn’t ready to step out of the spotlight just yet. In fact, her role as a mother inspired her recent reprisal as the spokesperson for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula and their national ad campaign. Landry first started using Palmer’s products while pregnant with her daughter. “I was looking through magazines, and there were all these ads featuring some of my celebrity mom friends who were pregnant at the time. I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, they look so great pregnant! How brave of them to actually show off their bellies! I should really try these products.’ I started using Palmer’s and really loved the results.”

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The model made her debut as their spokesperson two years ago when she was pregnant with her first son. “Our whole family uses Palmer’s products, and we love them. I am ecstatic to work with them again!” It’s only fitting then that her two older children joined her for the current campaign.

As an alumnus of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, Landry says she relies on Palmer’s to keep her skin looking wonderful. She also notes, “I drink a lot of water and always have – you have to hydrate your body from the inside and out. I exercise too.” Of course, balance is key. “I’m not super strict with my diet. If I want cake, I’ll have cake, and if I want ice cream, I’ll have ice cream, but for the most part, I do eat pretty healthy.” This attitude makes her a great mother, a great wife – and a great role model for her fans.

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