Cupid's Pulse Article: New Couple: Courteney Cox Is Dating ‘Cougar Town’ Co-Star Brian Van HoltCupid's Pulse Article: New Couple: Courteney Cox Is Dating ‘Cougar Town’ Co-Star Brian Van Holt

By Petra Halbur

Courtney Cox is now officially dating Cougar Town co-star, Brian Van Holt. The two reportedly found love while playing each other’s ex on the TBS series. A source confided to that the pair have been going out for six months. According to the source, Cox feels more comfortable discussing her relationship with Van Holt now that her ex-husband, David Arquette, has found new love in girlfriend, Christina McLarty.

What are some reasons to keep your relationship under wraps at first?

Cupid’s Advice:

Honesty is the best policy … most of the time. Sometimes though, it really is better to keep your relationship from family and friends for a period of time. Cupid is here to help you recognize if you’re in such a position:

1. You’re unsure about the relationship: If you don’t really know what kind of relationship you’re involved in, you might want to put off inviting him or her to meet your parents.

2. You anticipate disapproval: If you’re worried that your friends and family won’t approve of the gender, race or religion of your partner, it’s understandable to want to put off announcing your relationship until you and your partner are on more solid ground. Just remember that this can only go on for so long. Sooner or later, for better or for worse, you’re going to have to introduce your partner and face the consequences.

3. There’s been a tragedy: If your family has suffered a loss, then it’s probably best to defer your announcement to a later date. Not only do you want to avoid seeming insensitive to your loved ones’ grief, you probably don’t want your family to associate your partner with a period of mourning.

Have you hidden your relationship from friends and family? Tell us why in the comments below.