Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Former Gymnast Shannon Miller Welcomes a Baby GirlCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Former Gymnast Shannon Miller Welcomes a Baby Girl

By April Littleton

Tuesday, June 25, Shannon and her husband, Drummond press president John Falconetti, welcomed their second child, Sterling Diane. The former gymnast announced her pregnancy in January following a battle with ovarian cancer. A rep told People how happy the family is about the new arrival, “Shannon and John are thrilled to welcome Sterling into the world. Mom and baby are healthy and doing well.” The couple is already parents to Rocco, 3 1/2.

What are some ways to help your partner through a pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Finding out that your loved one is carrying a child is very exciting news. Now is the time to start thinking about baby names and picking out all sorts of cute clothes, but there’s more to a pregnancy than just planning for the fun stuff. Your partner will need your support more than ever during the next few months, and not just the feet rubbing kind. Here’s some advice:

1. Help them around the house: During a pregnancy, your significant other should not be expected to do all of the housework. Instead, take on most of their chores, at least until a few months after the baby is more where the two of you can work out a new schedule. If you do most of the work, your partner will be less stressed and tired during the day.

2. Health comes first: It’s your job to make sure your love is maintaining a healthy lifestyle while pregnant. Make sure they eat the right foods – plenty of fruits and vitamins will provide your partner and the new baby with all of the vital nutritions they both need. Consider changing your diet as well. If you’re both on the same diet, your love will find it easier to adapt to the new eating habits.

3. Emotional support: It’s crucial to make your partner feel comfortable throughout the entire pregnancy. The intensity of hormone imbalances will be at a record high during this time for your love, so expect some mood swings. Try to keep your significant other as calm as possible and remind them you still find them just as attractive as you did before they got pregnant.

How did you help your partner through their pregnancy? Comment below.