Cupid's Pulse Article: Blair Late from Bravo’s ‘Newlyweds’ Chats About Divorce and Gay MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: Blair Late from Bravo’s ‘Newlyweds’ Chats About Divorce and Gay Marriage

By Marisa Spano

Imagine inviting strangers into your home to observe your first year of marriage and allowing millions of people to watch the honeymoon stage of your love life. Newly-minted reality star Blair Late can tell you a thing or two about that experience – all good things. Late and his spouse Jeff Pedersen were all for having cameras follow them around as they transitioned into married life.

Of course, reality television was a familiar world for the couple: “I first met Jeff when I was working on a reality series for Melanie Brown from Spice Girls,” he explains. “A producer friend who hung out with us commented that we were a really odd couple.” A year later, they got engaged, and that same friend suggested that they audition for Bravo’s new documentary series, Newlyweds: The First Year. They soon got a call from the network, and after an extensive three-month background check, they agreed to be part of the show.

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So why did these lovers decide to showcase their new beginning? “It was done by a very prominent documentary team who had won Oscars and Emmys, so knowing that it was a style of show that hadn’t been done before definitely influenced our decision,” says Late. “Plus, we were the only gay couple on the series and the first gay couple to really be featured on a show about marriage. It’s a big deal when you consider that gay marriage isn’t completely legal yet.”

That’s not to say that the couple is hoping to be spokespeople for gay marriage. They just want to share their story, a story about “a guy from Texas who has been ‘out’ for quite a while, who has support from his family, who’s in the entertainment business and who is fun, dramatic and just loves life. That same man falls in love with a man from California who’s a bit older, who didn’t get family acceptance, who isn’t in the business of entertainment and who is more responsible.” The couple seems to be sculpting a little chunk of history with their appearance on the  show.

The amount of feedback and admiration they’ve received is incredible. In response to whether he thinks their inclusion on Newlyweds is impacting public opinion, Late says, “We have opened people’s eyes to the fact that domestic partnerships and gay marriages have little if any equal rights to straight marriages. We’re certainly educating people.” He believes that they’re empowering young gay people across the country. “I’ve had so many people say, ‘Oh, I’m just like you, Blair, and I hope I can find a Jeff someday.’”

Some would argue that couples often suffer from a failed relationship when they are cast into the reality show spotlight. However, Late says that the show actually helped their marriage. “We were forced to discuss certain topics and to put  things on the table because of the cameras.”

Even though their personal thoughts and problems were viewed in public, it never made the duo feel uncomfortable. “I try not to regret anything that happened or be embarrassed about it. Sure, people complained about us talking about our sex lives on television, but maybe it won’t be such a weird thing for gay men to do in five years.”

For Late, his view on relationships was affected by his parents’ divorce. “It had a negative psychological impact and made me feel more needy and have a fear of abandonment. One thing that I’ve really focused on this year is figuring out what triggers me and what makes me a little more dramatic sometimes.”

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“My parents’ divorce made me realize that I only want to get married once,” he adds.

It’s easy to see that Late’s love life is going well, and he appears to be having success in his career too. He’s found fame as a songwriter, actor, television presenter and pop singer – he’ll soon be performing his new single “Love Calling” in San Francisco. Additionally, he’s working on his own cardigan line called Crest and Letters. And, of course, he’ll be appearing on tonight’s final episode of Newlyweds as well as on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after the finale airs.

We can’t wait to see what he does next!

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