Cupid's Pulse Article: Summer-Themed Ideas For Your Partner’s BirthdayCupid's Pulse Article: Summer-Themed Ideas For Your Partner’s Birthday

By Whitney Johnson

The eternal sunshine, lazy days and carefree attitudes make summertime the ideal season for celebrating. If your beau is lucky enough to have a July or August birthday, be a great partner and throw him a party he’ll never forget. Before you pick a theme, consider your man’s hobbies and passions. Once you’ve settled on an idea, go all out: make sure the food, drinks, decorations and even the guests’ outfits align with the bash. Below, we’ve developed a list of five fun party themes — ideas that can be further flushed out on Pinterest. Happy planning!

1. Country-themed party: It’s the season of outdoor concerts, and if your man grew up listening to Hank Williams and Willie Nelson, this party will be just what he had in mind. Stick with southern comfort food for the menu: macaroni and cheese, fried chicken and biscuits with homemade lemonade. And, of course, build a playlist with your beau’s favorite country tunes, including old-time favorites as well as some current hits. As for attire, ask your guests to wear their broken-in boots and favorite cowboy hat.

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2. Red, white and blue bash: With holidays like Memorial Day and Fourth of July coming up, summer is the perfect time of year to honor America and show your patriotic pride. For appetizers, consider snacks like red peppers and hummus or mini-sandwiches with turkey and Swiss cheese. Summer fruits like strawberries and blueberries are great to use in festive cocktails or delicious desserts. Be sure to decorate with little American flags and red and white flowers. Also, be sure to ask attendees to stick with the color theme when they get dressed.

3. Comic book celebration: Did your sweetheart love comic books as a little boy? With blockbuster hits like “Iron Man 3” and “Man of Steel” already released in theaters, it’s the perfect time for your man to relive his childhood days and be his favorite comic book character for a day. Plan your menu around the colors in your guy’s hero’s suit (black and yellow for Batman, green for The Hulk and so on). Transport your guests to a different world with futuristic décor and movie soundtracks. Guests can wear simple T-shirts with their character of choice or go all out and don a full costume.

4. Mexican fiesta: There’s nothing like sipping on a refreshing margarita (non-alcoholic or not) with your love on a sweltering day. To fill your guests’ appetites, stock up on chips, salsa and guacamole. For the main course, plan a do-it-yourself taco bar: purchase soft tortillas and hard shells along with fresh vegetables, cooked shrimp, spicy chicken and more. And for dessert, break out the blindfolds and piñatas! Set the mood with bright-colored decorations and Mexican music.

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5. Baseball bash: Sure, you may have been to your fair share of ball games this summer, but we have a feeling that your significant other will never tire of the sport. For food and drinks, serve typical game snacks: peanuts, nachos, hot dogs and pizza along with beer and soda. As for dessert, soft-serve ice cream is the perfect way to top off the fun. Decorate using the colors of your hometown team as well as a few foam fingers, baseballs and wooden bats. For attire, your friends can wear a jersey from their favorite team. Let the rivalries begin!

What is your favorite summer-themed party idea? Tell us in the comments below.