Cupid's Pulse Article: Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellwegers’ Cold OutingCupid's Pulse Article: Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellwegers’ Cold Outing

Longtime couple Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper were caught by paparazzi as they left restaurant Katsuya last week.  Before dinner, the couple had attended CAA’s Young Hollywood charity event at MyHouse, but refused to pose for photos.  The cold atmosphere lasted the rest of the night, reports E! Online.  A source claimed that the couple were “not affectionate at all” during dinner, a claim bolstered by a video of Zellweger and Cooper leaving Katsuya.  Cooper allowed for another man to escort Zellweger down a staircase, and was blown off by Zellweger when he tried to open a door for her.  Is there a possible reason for the couple’s cold outing?  “The studios aren’t happy that their movie Case 39 took so long to premiere,” reports the insider.  “They’re trying to get publicity going.”How can you tell if your partner has ulterior motives?

Cupid’s Advice:

If your beau has ulterior motives in your relationship, he is probably very clever, but he can’t hide all of the signs of his deception.  Cupid has a few that you should be able to pick up on:

1. He’s not attentive: The next time the two of you are out to dinner, see if he’s really listening to what you’re saying.  If he frequently loses focus, it may mean that he’s bored with the relationship and is only sticking around for other reasons.

2. Favors: If you find that you are always the one paying for meals, giving him rides and doing other favors for him, then it’s time for a change.  Talk to him about your worries, and if he stops mooching off of you, then you know he’s honest.

3. Pick-up lines: Next time you’re at a bar or a party with some friends, be careful about which guys you approach.  The ones who immediately compliment your looks are probably only lustful.