Cupid's Pulse Article: Your First Trip Together? 10 Packing TipsCupid's Pulse Article: Your First Trip Together? 10 Packing Tips

By Laura Seldon for

Packing for any vacation can be exhausting, but it gets even harder when you’re deciding what to take on your first trip with your new flame. But just like in relationships, when it comes to packing for a trip, it’s best to leave all extra baggage behind! To help you “pack for success,” here are the top 10 things to take with you whether you are hitting the wide-open road together, or jetting away to somewhere exotic!

1. Comfy Walking Shoes

Start your trip off on the right foot with a good pair of walking shoes. While you may want to look good in front of your new love interest, it’s important to bring a reliable pair of sneakers “so you can walk and explore together,” says author Carrie Knowles.

2. Picnic Provisions

What’s better than a romantic meal for two? A romantic picnic for two! “Bring a small backpack with a corkscrew and knife for an impromptu picnic,” suggests Knowles. This way you and your new suitor can enjoy some alone time in the great outdoors!

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3. Reading Materials

Consider sharing more than just a hotel room on your romantic getaway — how about sharing a book as well? “That way you can read to each other,” explains Knowles. “There’s nothing more romantic.” Not only will reading together give you something to talk about, but reading something sexy (think Fifty Shades of Grey) could really heat up your excursion!

4. First-Aid Kit

Allergies, indigestion and bloating will cramp your style on a romantic getaway. “Bring a first-aid kit,” says Bonnie Joy Dewkett, a professional organizer and packing pro. “Because nothing is worse than having your time spoiled by a headache, sunburn or upset stomach.”

5. GPS & Maps

Navigate your way to romance with the help of your trusty GPS! “Couples notoriously fight over directions,” says Dewkett. “The key to a road trip is to have a GPS, maps and a plan!”

6. Denim with Diversity

Be sure to pack a pair of jeans that can be dressed up or down. “Who knows what activities your romantic getaway will entail,” says Jennifer Kelton, a dating advisor and the founder of “Pack a pair of jeans that can be dressed down for activities like horseback riding, but can also be dressed up for hitting a trendy pub.”

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7. Unisex Toiletries

If you’re already sharing a book (as advised in #3), then why not share a few bathroom products as well, including shampoo, conditioner and lotion? “Sharing is caring,” says PR pro Stephanie Scott. “And it also cuts down on the amount of products that you need to pack. Try travel-sized goodies that couples can share.”

8. A Good Playlist

When there’s a moment of awkward silence, it’s best to fill it with the sound of music! Just make sure your playlist (for the car or bedroom) include songs you both like, advises Dr. Jane Greer, a marriage and family therapist. “It will destroy the whole trip if your car ride isn’t enjoyable.”

9. A Solid Set of Snacks

Don’t rely on a run-down convenience store for your snack supply! Instead, ask your new flame for a list of their favorite snacks (granola bars, chips, apples, etc.) and pack some provisions. “Bring some of your favorite snacks to ease tension on the road,” suggests Aimee Cebulski, author of The Finding 40 Project. “It will also ward off the crankies and make each of you happy.”

10. An Open Mind

One of the most important items you can bring with you on any vacation is an open mind. “It sounds cheesy,” says Cebulski. “But this might be the first time you see your sweetheart clean his ears… or he sees that you are an extreme over-packer. Go easy on each other. It’s supposed to be fun!”

The best part about taking an open mind on your trip? It takes up hardly any space in your suitcase!