Cupid's Pulse Article: Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates Bachelor Party with Vancouver GetawayCupid's Pulse Article: Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates Bachelor Party with Vancouver Getaway

By April Littleton

Jimmy Kimmel and about 20 of his friends went to Vancouver for a bachelor getaway. The late night talk show host spent the weekend at the Opus Hotel in Yaletown. Some of his guests included comedian Jeff Ross and former Mad Men cohost Adam Carolla. The bachelor party consisted of a weekend of bike rides, champagne and seafood. A source told, “The bike ride was really awesome, (and) they ended up at a food truck called Fresh Local Wild. The guy who runs the food truck did a spread for the group – all local – crab cakes, oyster sandwiches.”

What are some creative ways to celebrate a bachelor/bachelorette party?

Cupid’s Advice:

The bachelor and bachelorette party is considered the last hooray when it comes to living the single life. These parties are a great way to celebrate the end and the beginning of two different aspects of your life. Are you looking for your last night of singledom to be exciting and memorable? Cupid has some advice:

1. Scavenger hunt: Running around town all night looking for a hidden “treasure” may be the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming wedding. You’ll stay active throughout the game and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. As for the list of locations and tasks, include questions based on your spouse-to-be’s likes and dislikes and search around areas where you and your partner share special memories together.

2. Go co-ed: Celebrate your love by celebrating together. Grab your whole gang of friends and family for a night out. Go the movies or have a special dinner. Go back to the place where you had your first date and share romantic stories with your party guests. If as a couple, you prefer a more active environment, rent out a skating rink or spend the day doing outdoor activities –  like go carting, miniature golf or swimming.

3. Stay in: If you’re not much of a party animal, ask a couple of your closest friends over for a slumber party. Watch some of your favorite movies, cook some of your favorite meals and pig out on cake and ice cream. Talk about each other’s first crushes and the moment you knew you met the love of your life. It’s guaranteed you’ll have a night full of laughter and fun.

How did you celebrate your bachelor/bachelorette party? Comment below.