Cupid's Pulse Article: Kate Winslet Expecting Third Child, First with Husband Ned RocknrollCupid's Pulse Article: Kate Winslet Expecting Third Child, First with Husband Ned Rocknroll

By Marisa Spano

Maybe it’s the warm weather, but lately it seems like everyone in Hollywood is getting preggers … and now we can add Kate Winslet to the list, for the third time! reports that Winslet, 37, and her newly wedded husband, Brit Ned Rocknroll, are expecting their first child together. This baby will join in the family with older siblings Mia Threapleton, 12, and Joe Medes, 9. Winslet recently told Harper’s Bazaar UK, “I think I can see more clearly now — about how the pattern of past experiences has shaped who I am, and the characters I have played — and I’m grateful for that.” Guess this means it’s the perfect time for Kate’s third!

How do you announce your pregnancy to your children?

Cupid’s Advice:

Announcing a new addition to the family can be tough on the children. You don’t want to make them feel unimportant or less loved. Cupid has advice on how to do this:

1. Have an intimate conversation- whether this was planned or if it came as a big shocker, make sure you speak to your child in a quiet setting about the big news. Don’t announce it to them with other family members. Your child is most important and deserves your time in a calm setting.

2. Give them attention- depending on the age of your child, they may get jealous or feel like they will not be receiving as much attention anymore due to this new child. Assure them that no matter what you love them and be sure to spend some extra time with them. A new baby means you will get caught up in planning for the baby’s arrival, don’t forget about your already born children.

3. Be honest and open- answer any questions that your children might have about the new baby. Do not make them feel like you are hiding anything from them.

How would you announce your pregnancy? Tell us below!