Cupid's Pulse Article: Rom-Com ‘Finding Joy’ Is a JourneyCupid's Pulse Article: Rom-Com ‘Finding Joy’ Is a Journey

By April Littleton

In this film directed by Carlo De Rosa, Kyle Livingston (played by Josh Cooke) is a self-absorbed writer until he gets the chance to rediscover all aspects of his life through the meeting of Joy Bailey (played by Liane Balaban). Joy is a spirited woman who helps Kyle come to terms with himself and guides him on the journey to happiness –  all the while asking him to write her obituary.

Should you see it:

If you’re a fan of independent films and seeing fresh faces up on the big screen, this is the movie for you. If you enjoy the work of Nicholas Sparks, Rob Reiner (think When Harry Met Sally…) and Cameron Crowe, Finding Joy will surely make you gush and maybe even cause you to tear up a bit as well.

Who to take:

You should take someone who appreciates the occasional indie film. This movie is perfect for a night out with a hot date, or can be viewed with a relative as a little afternoon splurge. Finding Joy is both romantic and family-oriented, so it can be enjoyed with an array of people.

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When is it time to change your ways for a new love interest?

Cupid’s Advice:

No one is perfect, but there are times where a person’s flaws or behaviors can cause a new relationship to self-destruct. It’s even worse when your partner is the type of person who doesn’t tell you exactly what they want – they just hope change will eventually come. If that’s the case, it’s up to you to take responsibility and make some changes for the sake of your new relationship. Cupid has some advice:

1. Change will help you improve: It’s time to make some changes for yourself as well as for your significant other when you know it will help you become a better partner and become a happier person. Don’t be resentful toward your love, especially if you know your bad behaviors are not only causing damage to your relationship, but also harming you internally as well.

2. Your partner is threatening to leave: If it’s the early stages of relationship and your new boo is already threatening to call it quits, you may need to think about what you could be doing to cause your partner to feel this way. Communication is key in all aspects of a relationship. You want to show your significant other the best and worst side of you, but if your worst is just too much to handle, you may need to tone it down.

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3. You’re ready to be committed: You think to yourself “This is it. This is ‘The One.'” You’re ready to fully commit to another person and you want to make sure you do all you can to keep your partner happy. If you’re aware of the not so desirable traits you have, find the tools you need to improve on yourself and become a more capable person. Seek outside help, do whatever is necessary to make your new relationship last. Show the person you love you’re ready to become the person they know you can be.

When did you know you had to change some of your bad habits? Comment below.