Cupid's Pulse Article: Lenny Kravitz Says He and Ex-Wife Lisa Bonet Are ‘Best Friends’Cupid's Pulse Article: Lenny Kravitz Says He and Ex-Wife Lisa Bonet Are ‘Best Friends’

By Petra Halbur

Twenty years after the divorce, Lenny Kravitz is on great terms with his ex-wife, Lisa Bonet. According to, the pair were married for six years and had a daughter named Zoe before calling it quits in 1993. Still, Kravitz looks back fondly on his union with Bonet. “We were very young and it was wonderful,” Kravitz says on the June 2 episode of Oprah’s Master Class. “Zoe’s mom and I now are best friends. It’s interesting because that’s how the relationship started.”

How do you re-establish a friendship after a bitter breakup?

Cupid’s Advice: 

“We can still be friends” is far easier to say than it is to do. How do you go about rebuilding a friendship after your romantic relationship has gone sour? Cupid has some ideas:

1. Take it slow: Do not rush things. Hurt feelings left over from a nasty break up can’t be shrugged off. You need to give yourself and your ex time to heal before developing a platonic relationship.

2. Come clean: You need to be honest about any remaining bad blood remaining between you two. Sweeping unaddressed grudges under the rug for the sake of friendship won’t work for long.

3. No green-eyed monsters: Will you be supportive when your ex starts dating someone new? If not, you need to resolve this issue within yourself now because jealousy will be a sure-fire way to destroy your newly revived friendly.

How did you stay friends with your ex? Tell us below.