Cupid's Pulse Article: Ireland Baldwin Opens Up About Boyfriend Slater TroutCupid's Pulse Article: Ireland Baldwin Opens Up About Boyfriend Slater Trout

By Petra Halbur

IMG model, Ireland Basinger Baldwin, is managing to make her long distance relationship with stand-up paddle boarder, Slater Trout, work. Baldwin, who lives in L.A. and Trout, who is based in Maui, try to visit each other at least once a month and make the most of their time together. “We don’t do normal stuff,” Trout told People“We go paddle boarding with humpback whales in Maui. We go on athletic dates.” Baldwin concurred, adding, “We’re outdoorsy people. I love walks, hiking, exploring and being on the beach.”

What are some ways to make a long distance relationship work?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes careers, schools, familial obligations and other factors make it necessary for you and your partner to live far apart for a while. Long distance relationships are tough but it is possible to make them work. Cupid has some ideas:

1. Utilize technology: The good thing about long distance relationship these days is that there are many different ways to keep in touch. Using technology, like Skype, gives you and face-to-face time you need to make your relationship last.

2. Communicate daily, no excuses: Whether it’s texting “Good morning” when you wake up or Facetiming at lunch, do your best to communicate with your partner on a daily basis. Don’t let daily excuses get in your way.

4. Long-term plans: Be honest with each other. How long are you two going to be living apart and are you both okay with this arrangement? Avoiding the issue will only exacerbate the problem.

How did you make your long distance relationship work? Tell us below.