Cupid's Pulse Article: Tabatha Coffey Says That Staying True to Yourself Is Important In All Aspects of LifeCupid's Pulse Article: Tabatha Coffey Says That Staying True to Yourself Is Important In All Aspects of Life

By Kerri Sheehan

Australian hairstylist, salon owner and television personality Tabatha Coffey sure has a solid resume. She has been in the hair industry for over 30 years, and in 2007, she was voted the first ever Fan Favorite on the Bravo network’s reality series Shear Genius. Since then, she received her own spin-off series, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, in which she helps failing salon owners turn their businesses around. After three successful seasons, Coffey has moved on to sprucing up a variety of small businesses on her newest reality television endeavor, Tabatha Takes Over.

“I just had such an overwhelming, positive response from everyone writing to me and saying, ‘I really love what you do. I wish you could help me, but I’m not a hairdresser. I really need help with my business.’ It seemed like a natural progression to be able to go into other businesses and help them turn things around,” says the reality star sensation.

The current season of Tabatha Takes Over is the second of its kind, and Coffey hints that viewers will have quite a lot to look forward to. “We still have some salons that I’m going into, and for a lot of people, the salons are still the favorites. We have a lot of non-salons that we’re going into as well, and I know a lot of people enjoy that too. It’s a lot of fun. There’s a nice balance with both.” Coffey also alludes to the return of some of the show’s alumni. “We may check in with some past favorites,” she says.

After seeing her in action, it’s no surprise that the hairdresser loves filming the show and helping people turn their lives around. “I get so emotionally invested with every business that I go into that I take the journey with the owners and the employees.” Her favorite times on the show are when she is really able to help the business owner and employees turn over a new leaf. “I always enjoy any time that I see success, that I see people turn their business around. When we’re able to save a business, that’s my favorite because that’s ultimately what I hope for every time.”

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Of course, her life isn’t all work. Coffey has been in a committed relationship with her partner for more than a decade. She cites communication as the key to keeping her love a priority despite her hectic schedule. “It’s hard for everyone to find a balance because I think we all get so busy and get so into our own things,” she explains. “So if I’m travelling, I make sure that I’m sending a text and seeing how everything’s going. It’s important to check in and not just be concerned with what’s going on with me.”

As someone who is open about being gay, the television personality shares some tips to anyone struggling to be honest and open about their feelings: “It’s easy to become wrought with the fear of having to tell the truth to your family and friends, but you have to really believe in yourself and be true to yourself. It’s your life, and you have to live it and be happy with who you are and be honest about who you are. You can’t live inauthentically.”

Coffey believes that staying true to yourself is vital in every facet of life, especially when it comes to your primping rituals. When asked about hairstyles for different events, she thinks the best rule to follow is to be you. For a first date, she says, “It’s great to glam it out a little bit and, you know, put a little bit more makeup on or dress your hair up a little bit, but you should also be true to who you are. If you’re going to go overboard and really glam it out and that’s just not you, then you’re really not letting your date see who you truly are.”

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For a more glamorous night, like a romantic dinner, she thinks that it’s okay to do something fancier with your locks. “I’m sure that the dress you’re going to wear is a little bit sexier, and your hair should follow suit.”

More likely than not, your spouse has a strong opinion about how they like your hair. “Let’s say your guy likes your hair when it’s curly, but that’s not your favorite thing. Maybe then, your romantic date night is the time to indulge your significant other. Make sure that you play into their opinion a little more and  do what they like.” Whether it’s wearing your hair up, down, slicked back or with some extra texture, show your partner what he wants to see.

As for a wedding day, Coffey urges readers to not stray from what they know works and says, “Never make a drastic change before your big day!” The weeks before a wedding are always heavily laden with emotions, so a bride may feel like she’s being spread thin. Therefore, a major change can lead to disaster. When you feel out of control, the one thing you can control is hair, so it’s never a good time to change your hair when you’re engulfed in emotion. “Stay true to yourself because a lot of brides go crazy and do something that they normally wouldn’t do with their hair. When they look at their pictures, they don’t even feel like themselves anymore.”

You can catch Tabatha Takes Over on Thursdays at 10/9c. If you can’t get enough of Coffey on Bravo, you can catch her speaking tour called Meeting with Tabatha, which will begin in Connecticut before it heads to Los Angeles and Arizona. It will give business owners tips for turning their business around and allow them to have an up-close-and-personal questions-and-answers session. You can also follow Coffey on Twitter and Facebook.