Cupid's Pulse Article: Josh Duhamel Wants To Be a Dad!Cupid's Pulse Article: Josh Duhamel Wants To Be a Dad!

In the romantic comedy Life As We Know It, Josh Duhamel plays a new dad, a role he says he’d love to have in real life.  According to People, Josh says that getting the chance to play a father is what “initially drew me to” the role.  During the New York premiere at the Ziegfeld, he opened up even more saying, that he has “always had a real fondness for kids.”  In terms of his wife, he says, “She’ll be a great mom … She got to meet [costar Katherine Heigl’s daughter] Naleigh on set.  It was great.” Maybe this is a hint of what’s to come for him and Fergie in the very near future!

How do you know if your partner is parent material?

Cupid’s Advice:

Not everyone is as eager to be a parent as Josh Duhamel. Cupid has some ideas on how to find out whether your partner will make a good dad one day:

1. Ask him: The best way to determine if your mate is father material is to talk to him about it.  Or, try asking him general questions like how many children he wants and at what age.  If he gives you an answer right away, he’s probably considered it before and is open to the idea.  If he gets a little freaked out, well that should be a clear sign that he’s not quite ready.

2. Watch and learn: See how he behaves around your other kids.  If being around children comes natural to him he’ll most likely make a good daddy to his own.  If he seems uncomfortable or indifferent around youngsters, it may be something you should further explore.

3. Meet the parents: Find out if he gets along with his parents.  If he’s had a bad relationship with his mom or dad, he may need to work out some issues first before he can think about becoming a parent himself.