Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Are You Dating a ‘Mad Man’?Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Are You Dating a ‘Mad Man’?

By Sarah Gooding, PlentyofFish for

Mad Men never change, regardless of how much time has passed.

Don Draper may have seduced women in the 1960s fantasy world of advertising, but his modern day version is very much alive today, especially in the world of online dating.

As a product manager with the world’s largest online dating site, PlentyofFish, I can tell you Don Draper and his coworkers — Peter Campbell, Roger Sterling, Paul Kinsey, etc., are all online, looking for women and relationships.

So what would Don Draper’s online profile look like if he were on PlentyofFish? He would be fairly easy to spot. In fact, you may have viewed a modern day Don Draper, or even emailed him without realizing you were interacting with a charismatic, serial womanizer.


A modern day Don Draper will ooze confidence. He won’t hesitate to ask you out. Online dating is a perfect platform for a Draper-type because communication closes the deal in his world of work and pleasure.

Draper would also do very well with profile views on PlentyofFish. He would get a lot of emails from women, but not just because of his good looks. In fact, his profile pictures probably wouldn’t even be close-up photos. His pictures would be full of mystique, perhaps even downplaying his chiseled good looks behind muted sunglasses. That’s because Don Draper doesn’t identify himself by his handsome features. His confidence stems from his ability to achieve success and women on his own terms.

You need to remember Don Draper seduces us into buying things for a living. He moves us to action through the poetry of his words. In the online world, a modern day Draper will use that charm to seduce you into believing you are special. Be careful not to fall for it. As for profile details, don’t expect to see income listed under a Don Draper profile since money is a private matter. However, intelligence is important to him; his educational background will be listed.


A modern day Peter Campbell doesn’t have that confidence, which is why he will sprinkle status hints in both his profile and emails to women that is he from an elite class.

If you’re interacting with a modern day Peter Campbell, you will hear him name drop in conversation and emails. He won’t have any qualms about listing his salary on his profile.


Roger Sterling doesn’t need to create an online profile with all of his women, unless he is between his relationships. If you meet a Sterling online, you will know it by his genuine expression. If he tells you in an email that he likes your dress, he probably means it. Unlike Draper and Campbell, Sterling says what he means and means what he says. As for details, a Sterling type will list himself as “Family Centric” and describe himself as a “Big People Person.” He might even post pictures of himself with friends and family.


If you watch Mad Men, you will know Paul Kinsey, but you may not remember him. The online world of dating is full of Paul Kinsey types who grow on you over time. They don’t stand out in the crowd until you meet them in person. And when you do meet them, you will find they don’t have the social graces of a Don Draper or Roger Sterling, but they make you feel at ease. A Paul Kinsey isn’t going to be Type-A. He’s the guy who will like to smoke and listen to jazz, so he will definitely list “Very Easygoing” under his profile.

We all know every woman has a type, so don’t be afraid to hold out for that Don Draper or Paul Kinsey type. PlentyofFish knows they are alive and online.