Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle’ Host Ray J Says a Bad Girl Is “Confident, Sassy and Independent”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle’ Host Ray J Says a Bad Girl Is “Confident, Sassy and Independent”

By Sarah Ribeiro

He may be notorious for being a bad boy, but now, Ray J is hanging out with a bunch of bad girls. The singer, actor and reality television star will be hosting Oxygen’s Bad Girls All-Star Battle, which takes 14 of the most popular ladies from Bad Girls Club and pits them against each other, competing for 100,000 dollars and the title of “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”

After appearing on his own show For the Love of Ray J, he is once again surrounded by girls — but this time, he says it’s all professional. “Being on a dating show with all these girls trying to be with you is a whole different concept from being on a show with the baddest bad girls on the planet,” he says. “So I looked at it as a new challenge. It’s a step up to me from anything I’ve done so far.”

Of course, it’s no secret that Ray J knows all about bad girls. His history with Kim Kardashian — and their sex tape — is still a big identifier for the singer. His newest single “I Hit It First” is a definite shout-out to Kardashian and her new beau Kanye West.

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One thing has changed though: Ray J can now tell who’s a bad girl and who isn’t. According to the musician, a bad girl is “a girl who never gives up, who is confident in herself, who has been through things. Maybe she’s been knocked down and got right back up. She keeps fighting and keeps moving forward. And a true bad girl has been through some tough things but is still a winner and continues to go on with her life as a champion.”

His new gig on Bad Girls All-Star Battle has even shown him that every bad girl has a good side too. “Some of these girls are coming on this show to win this money for real positive reasons. There is a single mom trying to win the money to help her daughter have a better life. Another bad girl is trying to help her brother get out of foster care. It’s a great show with challenges, but there’s also some real substance.”

It’s this substance, he says, that helped him become a good host:  “You want to know certain things about somebody that you trust and care about. For the show, I had to go deep with the questions. I had to really get inside of the girls’ minds and understand their angle, their plan, their emotions.”

Ray J has also grown on a personal level and adds, “It has helped me become more honest with the people around me, so as far as control and authority, I stepped up my game a thousand percent.“

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Because of this new truth, he has a lot of respect for his “bad girls.” He believes it takes strength to be bad and that being bad doesn’t mean, well, being bad. “I think a bad girl comes from within,” the host explains. “I don’t think a bad girl is a bad thing. I think it’s just a girl that’s confident, sassy and independent. If you’re a good girl or even a great girl, you can still be strong. You can still believe in yourself and stand up for what you believe in.”

Oxygen’s Bad Girls All-Star Battle premieres on Tuesday, May 21st at 9/8c. You can keep up with Ray J on Twitter and his personal site