Cupid's Pulse Article: Angie Miller’s “Amazing Journey” on ‘American Idol’Cupid's Pulse Article: Angie Miller’s “Amazing Journey” on ‘American Idol’

By Kerri Sheehan

The American Idol road ended last night for 19-year-old Massachusetts native Angie Miller. Known for winning over the judges during her first audition by performing an original song and playing the piano during many of the live shows, fans were surprised to see her go. She sobbed throughout her goodbye song “Never Gone,” originally sung by Idol alum Colton Dixon, as Mariah Carey encouraged her from the judges’ table.

Miller admits that she was surprised to be voted off this week, as she had high hopes of making it to next week’s finale. “Every Thursday night is shocking. It’s always an emotional and crazy night, but I did feel confident in my performances and everything. I honestly did. I was hoping and dreaming of being a part of that finale, and I really wanted it, so of course, it was disappointing.”

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However, there were no bitter feelings towards fellow contestants Kree Harrison and Candice Glover. “ I love both of those girls, and they deserve to be there,” says the songstress. “Kree never thinks about herself – she’s so selfless. And Candice is just the most fun person to be around.”

Staying positive, Miller is looking forward to performing in the finale show. “I’m not going anywhere; I’m still here. I’m going to start rehearsing and practicing for the finale this week. I don’t know 100 percent what’s going on yet, but I’m so excited to sing again.”

Overall, the songwriter says she’s very grateful for her Idol experience and believes it’s really jump started her career. “I learned so much, and I’ve grown so much in this competition. I definitely know so much more about who I am musically and as an artist.” She’s not sure what specific genre of music she wants to fall under, but she does know this: “I want to have music that has meaning and is real. I don’t want to have dance party music, but at the same time, I don’t want to put people to sleep. I definitely want to incorporate the soulful piano sound with a lot of edge.”

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As for the future, there are a lot of things Miller sees on her horizon. “There’s the tour, and then I hope to get signed and record an album. First, I want to pursue my music, and then eventually, I want to act. I just want to do so much; I’m excited! Even though it’s the end of American Idol, it’s just the start of this journey.”

You can see Angie Miller on the American Idol tour or follow her on Twitter for updates.