Cupid's Pulse Article: Amber Holcomb Bids a Sad Farewell to the ‘American Idol’ StageCupid's Pulse Article: Amber Holcomb Bids a Sad Farewell to the ‘American Idol’ Stage

By Kerri Sheehan

American Idol viewers were disappointed to say goodbye to 19-year-old Texas native Amber Holcomb last night. After her elimination from the competition was announced, Holcomb broke down in tears as she belted out her last song “I Believe In You and Me,” originally sung by Whitney Houston. “Before the performance, we watched the video of memorable clips, and that always gets to me every single week. It was just a lot. It was really overwhelming.”

While her impromptu waterworks may lead some to think that the elimination blindsided the singer, Holcomb says otherwise. “They always say an Idol can feel it when it’s time, and I’m not going to lie; I honestly did feel like I was the next to go.” However, she realizes that even though the competition has reached an end for her, it’s not the end of the experience. She gets to join the other contestants for the tour this summer. “I was really sad, but at the same time, I told myself that I still get to go on tour. I’ll see them all again, so I was happy. Tickets are on sale today, by the way!”

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Speaking of the connections she made during her time on American Idol, it seems the relationship between Holcomb and former cast-off Burnell Taylor is still brewing. Holcomb played it coy when asked about the New Orleans crooner, only  saying, “We text a little bit, but we’re just really excited to go on tour together and see each other then.”

In addition to the tour, Holcomb has big plans for her future. The southern songstress believes that there is room in the industry for someone with her prowess, and she plans to keep the onstage persona she developed on the show, something that judge Nicki Minaj often praised. “My style, personally, it changes depending on my mood. I feel like, right now, there’s nobody like me, so why fix something that isn’t broken?”

The sky is the limit when it comes to her career. “I see myself in magazines, on every television channel, on Billboards, on the Grammys – all that good stuff.” She also hopes to dabble in acting and thinks Glee is “really relatable right now” for her. When it comes to singing, Holcomb names Minaj, Lil Wayne, Rihanna and Frank Ocean as artists she hopes to collaborate with someday.

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As a shout-out to her fans, she exclaims, “I want to say thank you to everyone who supported me. Expect great things from me!”

To keep up with Holcomb, you can follow her Twitter or catch her on the American Idol tour this summer.