Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Tony Bennett Gives Away Daughter Antonia at Her WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Tony Bennett Gives Away Daughter Antonia at Her Wedding

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Tony Bennett was more than thrilled to give away his singer daughter, Antonia, at her wedding recently. He enthusiastically tweeted, “Congratulations to my beautiful daughter, Antonia. What a fabulous wedding.” He also included a picture of the two walking down the aisle. A source told People  that Bennett and his wife, Susan attended the wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Love was in the air this past Sunday night.

What are some ways to include your parents in your nuptials?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your parents love you. At times, their love is constraining and stressful and unwanted. However, they put you on this planet and you should attempt to include them as much as possible in your nuptials. Cupid  has some advice:

1. Toast: It is easy and simply to include your parents in your nuptials by dedicating a special toast to them. Nothing is more meaningful to your parents than telling them over all your friends and family how much you love them. Your parents will be honored that you took the time out of your special day to write and make a speech for them.

2. Memorable gift: The most memorable gift you can give your parents on your wedding day is a picture frame or a photo book. Either gather pictures of you and your parents and compile them into a book. Or round up pictures of you and your fiance and put them together. Your parents will be able to look back on the day their child got married. And also be able to show your pictures off when visitors come around their home.

3. Family heirloom: Something old, something new, and something blue. It is a common wedding expression and is followed by couples everywhere. With something old: include a piece, jewelry, clothing, anything that has meaning in your family. You parents will recognize how much you care for them by keeping the tradition in the family. The bride can even copy or replicate your mother’s wedding gown.

Have you included your parents in your nuptials? Share your experience below.