Cupid's Pulse Article: President Obama Rocks Michelle’s Bangs at Correspondents’ DinnerCupid's Pulse Article: President Obama Rocks Michelle’s Bangs at Correspondents’ Dinner

By Jessica Conigliaro

This past Saturday, President Barack Obama kicked off his hilarious White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C. According to, the president stated he wanted to keep things lively and energetic for his second term. He then launched a slideshow of funny Photoshopped images of himself sporting his wife’s famous new bangs. “I think this looked pretty good, but no bounce,” he said.

What are some ways to support your partner’s style choices?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your boyfriend has a very distinctive style and is proud of it. You want to show him know how much you love his unique taste in clothing. Cupid is here to show you how:

1. Embrace their style: Your boyfriend has always loved wearing denim jackets and tight jeans. Now that he is working a lot, that style isn’t exactly an option anymore. Encourage your man to wear the clothes he likes on the weekends. This way, he doesn’t feel like he had to give up his own style for his job.

2. Compliment them: After your partner gets a new haircut, he is unsure if he likes the way it looks or not. Let him know your opinion. If you like the way it came out, reassure him of that. Your love will value your opinion over everybody else’s.

3. Tell your friends: You’re out with some friends and your partner is wearing a new outfit that you just love. Rave to your friends about it–your man will love hearing you compliment him to your friends. By doing so, you are letting him know how attracted you are to him–which will make him feel even more loved.

How do you support your partner’s style choices? Share below.