Cupid's Pulse Article: Michael Jordan Ties the Knot with Yvette PrietoCupid's Pulse Article: Michael Jordan Ties the Knot with Yvette Prieto

By Jessica Conigliaro

Former NBA star Michael Jordan tied the knot with model-fiancée, Yvette Prieto. According to People, the wedding took place in Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday. “They’ve been planning for months and months,” says a source of the nuptials. “He wanted to give Yvette everything she’s ever wanted.”

What are some ways to make your wedding unique?

Cupid’s Advice:

The day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl is finally nearing. You want to make your wedding day as special and memorable as possible. Cupid is here to give you some unique wedding ideas to make the day even better:

1. Pick a song: While walking down the aisle, choose a song that holds a special meaning to you and your fiancé. The first song you danced together to, a song that represents your love for each other, or even just a song you both enjoy listening to. By doing so, you will be creating an even more special moment to share for the rest of your lives together.

2. Embroidered ring pillow: Before sending your ring barer down the aisle, surprise everyone by having a meaningful quote from your vows embroidered or needlepointed onto the pillow. Every time you look at the pillow, you and you love will remember those beautiful, sacred vows, keeping your love strong and timeless.

3. Guilty pleasure station: You have been dieting for months, hoping to look great in your wedding dress. Well, the day is here and you look amazing–now it’s time to indulge! Set up a ‘guilty pleasure’ food station at the reception. Serve chicken finger, macaroni and cheese, potato skins–all your favorite guilty pleasures. All of your guests will love the cute and unique idea–and their stomachs will enjoy it too.

How did you make your wedding unique? Share in the comments below.