Cupid's Pulse Article: Three Hollywood Breakups That Offer a Lesson In How Not To Behave During DivorceCupid's Pulse Article: Three Hollywood Breakups That Offer a Lesson In How Not To Behave During Divorce

By Sheena Clarkson

While about half of all marriages end in divorce, in Hollywood the rate is undoubtedly higher. We look to celebrities to see the latest trends in everything from hairstyles and designer shoes to baby strollers and exercise regimes. But when it comes to breakups, stars aren’t always the greatest role models.

If you’re facing a difficult breakup, take a lesson in dealing with lost love from a few celebs that handled it less than famously.

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Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin

At the center of this couple’s divorce was a bitter child custody battle. Kim claimed to have been victim to physical and emotional abuse during the marriage. Meanwhile, Alec tried to discredit his estranged wife by portraying her as moody and unstable.

What really turned up the spotlight on this nasty divorce was when a voicemail was leaked to the press in which Alec, in an angry rant, referred to his 11-year-old daughter as a “thoughtless little pig”. It was the voicemail heard ‘round the entertainment world, and resulted in a judge ordering that Baldwin be temporarily banned from seeing his child.

Lesson: Don’t let frustration toward your ex spill onto your kids.

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Liza Minnelli and David Gest

Having been married and divorced 4 times, Liza is one celeb who could single-handedly affect Hollywood divorce statistics. Though their marriage officially lasted about five years, after the first year of marriage the couple separated and things got messy fast.

Gest hurled accusations and lawsuits at Minnelli, suing the Oscar-winning actress for verbal and physical abusive, even claiming she had given him an STD. Though David Gest hurled a slew of allegations in the courts, the whole ordeal ended with his case being dismissed.

Lesson: Toss the dirty laundry out with the relationship. 

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen

Nowadays, the name Charlie Sheen is pretty much synonymous with traits that are big red flags to most marriage-seeking women. Egomaniac? Check. Self-described porn-addict? Check. Drug and alcohol problems? Check, check. It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Sheen also has difficulty handling rejection.

When the couple split after three years of marriage Richards accused Sheen of being abuse, unfaithful, and an addict. Charlie responded with a string of voicemails and emails that make Alec Baldwin’s post breakup rant sound cordial in comparison. In messaged leaked to the press, Sheen calls Richards a “sad, jobless pig” and even makes fun of Richards’ cancer stricken mother.

Lesson: Don’t resort to personal attacks.

There’s no getting around it, love has the potential to make us all a little crazy. But if you skip the angry voicemail in favor of some healthy self-reflection you’ll rebound from heartache as a stronger, happier person.

Sheena Clarkson is a freelancer who writes for McKinley Irvin and others. While researching this article she learned more than she ever wanted to know about Charlie Sheen.