Cupid's Pulse Article: Katy Perry Calls Divorce From Russell Brand a ‘Very Tiny Elephant’Cupid's Pulse Article: Katy Perry Calls Divorce From Russell Brand a ‘Very Tiny Elephant’

By Meghan Fitzgerald reports that a year after her divorce, the 28 year-old singer, Katy Perry is now more comfortable talking about her past relationship. According to Hollywood ReporterPerry stated, “It’s a very tiny elephant . . . It’s like a little Tchotchke now,” referring to her divorce. “The Big D — you can say it.” Since her split with Brand, Perry has been in an on-and-off again relationship with John Mayer.

How do you cope with the aftermath of a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Coping with the aftermath of a split is not always the most graceful or welcoming thing to do in life. Although it is not an ideal situation, it is best to pick yourself up and move on. Of course moving on is one of the hardest aspects of life. But you can make it work, and eventually you will. Cupid has some more advice:

1. Get rid of belongings: So you just had a split from your partner, what is the next step you might ask. Get rid of everything they ever gave to you. You will never be able to even begin the coping process if you are frequently seeing him all over your room, and your house. Either give their belongings back, or be a dramatic rom-com and burn it all. The burning part releases some repressed emotions so if that’s you, go purge.

2. Stay busy: Make sure you keep yourself busy with anything besides thinking of your split. Call your parents. Call your friends. Make lunch plans and follow them. Don’t stay inside day and night. Get there and experience life. Even if your life may seem like it’s over, it is not. Do not be a hermit, go and be with other people. Always try to be with other people after a breakup.

3. Rebound: You just went through a breakup, go and rebound it up. Of course it is not really healthy, and you may feel crappy about yourself afterwards. But you will get your mind off of your ex. This rebound relationship is a distraction from your life and thoughts about your past relationship. It’s a quick fix, and something fun to do while your heart is trying to mend together.

Have you coped with the aftermath of a split? If so, how? Explain below.