Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

By Sarah Ribeiro

Even if you and your love have been dating for a short time, it’s not unusual to find yourself bored quickly. If you’re spending all your time together, you may find yourself running out of things to do or talk about. You’ve gone on as many dinner-and-movie dates as you can handle, and you need to spice up your relationship before it grows stale. Here are some ways to keep your love exciting and new:

1. Try a different kind of date: Traditional dates may be fun, but they grow repetitive quickly. Try a unique date that involves something you’ve never done before. Go on a weekend outing; explore some place exotic for a cultured experience that will broaden your horizons and give you and your babe something new to talk about.

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2. Play a game: When your conversation runs dry, the only way to save it is to get creative. Not sure what you don’t know about your love? Those ice-breakers you did all throughout high school may come in handy. Playing 20 questions or “never have I ever” is a good way to learn new things about your honey and feel like a kid again at the same time.

3. Spice things up — literally: Does your boyfriend burn water? Take a cooking class together. You can learn ways to incorporate different and exotic cuisines into your everyday cooking, like spicy Indian, Peruvian, or Brazilian food for a flavorful experience. Plus, a class gives you a chance to work hands-on and learn something together.

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4. Stop saying no: Most of the time, relationships fizzle out because one person is constantly turning down the other’s ideas. Next time your sweetheart asks you to go to a basketball, don’t turn him down just because you don’t like it. Keep yourself open to his interests and he’ll be more open to try new things, too. Who knows — you may even have a blast!

5. Take some time: A big reason most people get tired of their partner is because they’re exhausting all their time with each other. Take some time to yourself — hang out with your girlfriends, run some errands on your own, and stop spending every night at his place. You’ll find the time you spend together more precious when it’s not so constant.

How do you and your partner spice things up? Share with us below.