Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: The Pros and Cons to Taming a Bad BoyCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: The Pros and Cons to Taming a Bad Boy

By Andrea Surujnauth

There is nothing like the thrill of dating a bad boy. He is exciting to be around and is always taking chances. They give you goosebumps every time you’re around them. He is spontaneous and always knows the right thing to say or do to send shivers up your spine. You dated him for fun but what what happens when you discover that you are beginning to feel real feelings for this bad boy? Can you eventually tame him and make him boyfriend material? If Angelina Jolie could do it to Brad Pitt then why can’t we do it?  We decided to weigh in the pros and cons of dating a bad boy to help you come up with an answer to your question, is it worth it to attempt to tame a bad boy?


1. Best of both worlds: By taming your bad boy, you will be able to have a guy that is both exciting but also loyal. You can teach him to cut out the bad boy aspects that don’t work for you while keeping the ones that do. You will be able to have a bad boy that is good for you!

2. Confidence: By taming a bad boy that many girls before you have always been running after, your confidence level sky rockets. You bad boy beau changed for you, you were the one that was able to get him under control. That’s enough to make any girl feel good about herself.

3. Life changer: By helping your sweetie become a good boy, he will be thankful to you for helping him turn his life around. Getting his life on track towards a successful future will make him see how good you are for him and how much you care for him. He will see you as his savior and is sure to fall for you because of it!

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1. Relapsing: This guy is a naturally a bad boy, those are his instincts. By attempting to tame your honey, you are risking him relapsing and going back to his bad boy ways. You might stop him from breaking the law or being a player, but you never know how strong the pull is for him to return to his old lifestyle. You are at risk of getting hurt.

2. Tables may turn: When taming a bad boy, you are also risking becoming a bad girl. If you let yourself get sucked into his lifestyle while in the process of trying to tame him, you might find yourself breaking laws, becoming irresponsible, or enjoying the recklessness of being bad.

3. Unwillingness: There may be certain things about the bad boy lifestyle that your new man may not want to give up. This may cause a fight about your desire to change him. No one is ever happy about changing who they are, so this may cause your relationship to expire.

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So are bad boys worth taming? After weeding through the pros and cons, we still don’t have a straight answer for you. Whether it is worth it is an answer only you can decide for yourself. Take all of this into consideration when deciding if you really want to tame your bad boy. Make sure you are confident in yourself and stick to your values if you decide to do it. Some bad boys can be tamed but take care of yourself first and don’t lose your self respect or sanity while trying to tame the stubborn ones.

What are some of your pros and cons of taming a bad boy? Comment below and let us know!